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    Top Up Gearbox ATF level

    Thanks Joe. I think a phone call to an idie specialist I know at least used to be good first thing in the am, and trying to get a dipstick asap is in order. And trying to get the dipstick and oil asap as a fall back in the meantime.
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    Top Up Gearbox ATF level

    I have noticed a bit of an oile leak from the Gearbox, and am getting occasional clunky gear changes. The car is a 2002 w220 S280. I don't really have facilities to sort properly, so a phone call to book in to a good indie Merc specialist is imminent. However, the car is used daily for a...
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    W220 d2b bus ice upgrade opinions

    I have been unable to find a noob section and can't see any way of searching posts. If I'm doubling up or posting when/where I shouldn't, then apologies. I have a 2002 w220 s class with command 2.5. My boot changer is dodgy, so am looking to update head unit. What do people think is best...
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