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    W221 AMG Alloy Wheels

    Hello, I wanted to ask if anyone had heard anything about the company Cromodora producing wheels also for Mercedes and BMW? I ask because after checking the VIN I found that my car was originally ordered with code 770 "AMG 19" spoked WHEELS WITH MIXED TIRES " Recently I had to remove all the...
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    W221 front heated seats

    Hi, The heating of the driver's seat has stopped working but only in the lower parts, back heat element is fine. Did someone already had a similar problem?
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    Setting the easy-entry/exit feature

    Hi, I can not set the above-mentioned features in my w221, when I choose one of two options, a black dot appears next to the selected option by me, but before I get out of this menu, the dot returns to the "off" and so every time. I will mention that yesterday everything worked as it should.
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    W221 front suspension issue

    Hi, Could someone explain to me what this means ? "both front castor arm bushes are seperating" Thanks
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    W221 short range radar

    I have a question if anyone knows if there is a possibility to purchase one of the radars that are mounted behind the bumper, I mean short-range radars, the price the dealer is not acceptance £460:doh: for one
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    W221 fault code

    From a few days, began to appear engine light on the dashboard. After connecting the computer showed the error 0060 (incorrect position of the exhaust camshaft). Is it something serious, because the mechanic says he must carry out additional investigation to determine exactly what that might be...
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    W221 Unknown device

    Hi, if anyone could tell me what it could be:dk:? Mounted in the front bumper. Thanks
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    W221 Adding electrically adjustable rear seats

    Hello everyone, I have a question about adding electrically adjustable rear seat, if it is a complex operation, which will be needed for the processing, the approximate cost?
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    W220 battery dead, can not open the trunk

    Hi, I have a problem with the battery, I do not know what happened but after a few hours of stopping the battery is completely dead and I can not open the trunk. I tried a couple of hours open with the key but there is no chance. I read that I can hook up to the terminal, which is located under...
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    W220 Airmatic compressor and Valve

    Hi, because recently I heard disturbing noises coming from the location of the compressor AIRMATIC, I decided to see what's going on and I saw something like that. Airmatic Valve was attached to the compressor through a plastic...
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