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    Getting moving on snow and ice

    Instead of winter tyres, try skids and rockets: :rock: Photo: Charles Kaminski / National Science Foundation / U.S. Antarctic Program Photo Library
  2. LastMinute

    Want to switch the fog light on, not pull the knob off!

    Any way to fettle the light switch so the rear fog light comes on in preference to the knob coming off in my hand? (Preferably while still allowing the knob to be removed for maintenance - so please don't suggest superglue... :)) (For a W126 - but I had the same problem on a W124, and I...
  3. LastMinute

    1956 Merc turned up at work today!

    Imagine my reaction when I started my new job last year and was introduced to a colleague who was spending his spare time restoring a 1956 Merc. He finally got round to bringing it in to work today to let everybody have a look. Just a teaser for now while I retrieve the photos and sort...
  4. LastMinute

    W124 rear subframe rear mounts

    Is there supposed to be this big a gap between the top of the subframe and the car body? :eek:
  5. LastMinute

    Animator vs. Animation

    These made me smile: Part I · Part II
  6. LastMinute

    "Interesting" bonnet mod

    ... on a 124 estate. Now I know Carlsson put a C126-style bonnet on the C35-24, but that is ridiculous. :crazy:
  7. LastMinute

    W202 electric window problem / comfort control module fault

    Ian's got a 1995 W202.125 C250 Diesel in The Works with a defective front passenger electric window. We've checked the fuse, the switch, the motor, the wiring and the comfort switching relay, and they're all OK - so that leaves the comfort control module (= box with 8 relays [one 'up' + one...
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    300CE-24 convertible

    On Exchange & Mart here.
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