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    Hi So I have had the wiring and everything burnt in my SL55 in rear boot because of this issue, managed to locate wiring from a breaker however just require the split charging ecu module. If anyone can help advise where I can find. I will be enquiring main dealers tomorrow and keep you posted...
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    SL500 Battery Module

    Hi, have had similar issue on my SL55 AMG, I have managed to find someone breaking one and decided to put whole new wiring in as some of the wiring for fuses are burnt. Check the wiring firstly as if its just the split charging ecu you are ok to replace but get it checked first. Apparently...
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    05 mercedes sl55 amg wiring burnt in boot help needed

    Hi So just purchased a Mercedes SL55 for this summer, vehicle has been delivered and did not start after further research which I thought may have been a flat battery in the boot vehicle wiring seems to have been burnt on o/s rear quarter in boot for which reasons battery had been...
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    2011 W212 Mercedes E250 Sunroof

    Hey guys, On the look out for a W212 panoramic roof for my car as mine was damaged as my vehicle had been vandalised, all windows were smashed and few dents and bruises on bodywork Out of curiosity i have been able to source W207 Panoramic roofs however was wondering whether they are the...
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    212 active bonnet

    Have carried out those, seems to pop up after starting the car up... the bonnet didn't pop up or anything so kind of strange how it seems to pop up active bonnet malfunction still.. sometimes after slamming it the light goes of for a seconds just after starting but then at times it just stays on...
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    212 active bonnet

    Hi pal you have any luck with this?
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