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  1. PeteTheOldGit

    Steering Noise From Steering Wheel

    Hi Is yours the W205 model , u mention pipes but there electric so just wondering what model yours was Cheers
  2. PeteTheOldGit

    Steering Noise From Steering Wheel

    Hi Its an electric system with no hydraulic assistance at all sadly. Cheers
  3. PeteTheOldGit

    Steering Noise From Steering Wheel

    Hi No solution as yet , after a lot of research it seems it could be one of a few issues most resulting in expensive column change. How have u resolved Cheers
  4. PeteTheOldGit

    Steering Noise From Steering Wheel

    What are u going on about. I have asked if anyone as had similar issue and came up with a solution other than a column change as I have no wish to replace. Are these forums not about asking others help and advice on such matters and not sarcastic comments as the above. Thanks for nothing...
  5. PeteTheOldGit

    Steering Noise From Steering Wheel

    Developed a really annoying groan like noise from steering wheel area when turning wheel at very low speeds. Seems a common problem on the W205 series early on resulting in column change. Any one had this issue and solved without such costly parts.
  6. PeteTheOldGit

    Independent mb near Worcester?

    I use Prospects in Solihull if not too far away for u , very good the two times I have used them for servicing.
  7. PeteTheOldGit

    W205 C Class Rear Door Handle Led..

    I got a Tech I know to do it , took him about an hour and never took any rivets out. Reckons he can do it quicker now hes done it once. He's switched on thou so that's why I got him to do it. Said its fiddly but no great hardship.
  8. PeteTheOldGit

    Anyone got a Fiat 500 Twinair?

    Getting a bad rep on here but I bought my daughter a 14 plate 900 twinair in white. Cracking little car and for her its more than nippy enough. The tiny turbo is all in at low revs and the thing flies around town, she gets 40 mpg which aint bad. Interior is modern and no its not German marque...
  9. PeteTheOldGit

    Do I buy a Diesel or Stick with Petrol

    Petrol all day long if low mileage, I have w205 c200 petrol and its 35mpg all day long totting around, on a run 45mpg easily achieved.
  10. PeteTheOldGit

    MERCEDES C-Class W205 C200 Petrol Reliable?

    Had mine nearly two years now, apart from annoying fault code popping up about faulty anti collision and going into limp mode because of it I have had no issues. I get 35 mpg daily to and from work and on the motorway easily hits 45mpg. Nice to not have to worry about dpf and egr issues ref the...
  11. PeteTheOldGit

    £15K C63 AMG

    Big gap on o/s front wing to bumper would worry me
  12. PeteTheOldGit

    Anyone used Kwikfit for AC regas?

    R134a gas is going thru the roof price wise , example 2 years ago 13kg bottle £49 to the trade , now £400 and still rising, eco Govt dept wants everyone on the R1234 new enviro friendly gas which is now coming down in price, no one really knows pricing on converting to this gas but it will be...
  13. PeteTheOldGit

    Locked vehicle problem

    Had same happen to me a couple of times, good advice ref the me app thou , never thought of that resolution, luckily both times happened at home so had spare key.
  14. PeteTheOldGit

    Servicing at Mercedes or Halfords?

    I'd rather take it to the local farm shop than Halfords , they would have more of a clue what they were doing with it than them Clowns.
  15. PeteTheOldGit

    Wanting to change tv provider.

    Sky is premium price for a premium service. No one does it better or as the same content. I have the full monty off them ref TV and have done so since the square dish, couldn't live without the content especially the sports, this weekend for instance F1 in full Ultra HD, Prem Footy in Full Ultra...
  16. PeteTheOldGit

    W205 premium plus sunroof clean

    Mine was horrendous, thought it was a rattle but after lubricating every single rubber part I could find it stopped. Did it last summer and as only just started again so will go at it again when I get chance.
  17. PeteTheOldGit

    Keyless - Kick Boot to Open?

    If u give me your vin or reg I can check the speck on your car , its called Boot Lid Convienience Closing Feature, it is an xtra option on the keyless.
  18. PeteTheOldGit

    W205 washers jets

    Neat screen wash is your answer. Clogs up the pipes and the motor cant flush it through. BMW always had the problem and they specified there own washer fluid but it was all a load of tosh , people were putting neat screen wash in and the pipes and pump sludge up. Gonna be a ball ache cleaning it...
  19. PeteTheOldGit

    Main dealer servicing “technicians”

    I actually see this as a positive that so many young techs are still entering the trade. I'm involved in the Motor Factor side and deal with indis all day and they all struggle to get replacement techs. Seems the youth of today don't really see the industry as a good career choice. Basic service...
  20. PeteTheOldGit

    Always call your insurers!

    Just had my renewal come thru , gone up £80 for no apparent reason, did a comparison on line and got the better cover for less than half price, took five minutes, phoned them if they could match and didn't want to know, there loss as I've been with them for nearly five years with two cars. I...
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