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    The big 1000

    It's the quality not the quantity :p I'm amazed at that. All genuine too, I've not cheated! Doesn't inlcude my former identity either..........
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    Omg Omg Omg

    So was I! :D
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    Can anyone ID this

    Like this? I picked up the last Accessories booklet from my dealer today and look what I found!
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    You don't need to excuse yourself. I have never been to Max Power live, but I have been to the London Motor Show a few times and and have always made a point of going on the "Sound Off" days and visisting the Max Power area. It's always good fun to see someones totally OTT effort at...
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    Help! curbed my alloys

    Sorry to hear that Koolvin. No offense intended, but you are the most cautious person I know with your car, so you must be traumatised! Are you going to post pics of the damaged wheel??? I'd like to see before and after refurb pics. The cost of the repair is very reasonable. I would like to...
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    I have heard a couple of different speaker/sub woofer sets. Something to consider is whether you are getting a sub box, designed to go under your desk, or desktop mounted sub. I have had experience "Altec Lansing" speakers, with an under desk sub. This almoust produced too much bass...
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    Web site you want to see...........or not

    Stumbled accross this during my searches: The name is a rip off or what?! Anyway they have some pimpin puddle lights, some inpressive installs and they can supply and fit HIDS
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    My new cars!

    Well I bought my wife a car today, and not wanting to miss out myself, decided to upgrade mine too! Next weekend shall arrive: 1 x 1999 C230 Kompressor Sport in Azurite Metallic Blue! Still a manual with 41,000 miles Main spec differences over my C200 include: 4 x Electric Windows...
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    vibration on steering

    Have you recently replaced the tyres or rotated the wheels (at a service perhaps)? Could be mis-shaped tyre - don't laugh I have seen a tyre come off a car that is not perfectly round anymore! Balancing? Component of Steering Rack?
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    Garaging a C180

    Wow. Lots of confusion! Well if it helps, my present and previous garage door width is 2130mm (give or take a few! ) and as far as I know this is a standard size. C-Class fits through fine, the gap could indeed be smaller.
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    Sooty exhaust pipe

    I believe that in the perfect scenario, your tailpipe will end up with a greyish colour to it. However, I think the colour of the pipe inicates whether your car is running rich or lean, and will therefore depend on the type of journey you most often do. If you regularly do short journeys, then...
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    Tread Depth

    Please don't take offence at the cross post to another site, but with my old fav. Benzsport and now our very own UK forum, I don't know where to post first! &nbsp; <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt='???'>...
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    Must buy Book for W202

    I don't know if you guys have noticed, but it seemed to me that Haynes changed the style of their &quot;Service and Repair&quot; manuals about 5 years ago. The content altered, far less detail, and now they even print them on tissue paper!
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    Odd size mirrors

    Yes, they are suppossed to be like that! Most modern Cars have different glass in the drivers and passenger side mirrors so that the perspective is correct considering one is furthur away from the driver than the other. Your E class is not alone in actually having a different size and shape...
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    1998 C200 Sport

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