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    Current DVLA times for new V5C?

    I got my new V5 last week 5 days after taking delivery of the car. I got acknowledgment of my sale of old car today together with the road fund tax rebate 8 days in all
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    Dynamic drive

    I am look at the individual setting on my W205 and there is no option to set the suspension. Is this only available with the airmatic suspension option ? Or should I be able to set this. It doesn't display on the other drive settings either.
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    Winter Tyres C63

    My C has tpms that shows pressure in each individual tyre. If I swap the tyres for winter ones on the same rim will I need to replace monitors or can they use the ones already on the wheels
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    What do you want to know?

    How quick should I expect Mercedes me connect to be activated. Took delivery of new C class yesterday and MB control centre say they need the dealer to do this. Dealer is saying MB will send me an e-mail... somewhat confused !
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    Live traffic in command online

    Does anyone know if the activation of the live traffic function that comes with command online is done when the Mercedes me is set up I am still waiting for dealer and or MB to activate my me connect account but want to know if this will activate live traffic as well
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    MOT computer glitch at DVLA

    My e class was 3 years old on 2/9 and I had MOT done at same some as the service on 24/8 MOT certificate shows valid until 1/9/17
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    What do you want to know?

    Delivery Is there anyway I can check on delivery times. Placed my order for new c class in April and was told it would be fine for 1st September 66 plate. Now just been advised it will be end of Sept although build date was allegedly 12th August. I am having to extend my current PCP plan by...
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    Delivery tracking

    C class with some options but I am told they are built in South Africa!
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    Delivery tracking

    I have had a new w205 on order since April. Dealer has told me that car was built on 12th August but won't be with them until end of September. Is there anyway I can track the shipping progress
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    W205 - Product Guide for MY17 UK ?

    Just been told by dealer of Price increase for MY17 model builds from June onwards. Anyone have any details of the MY17 changes
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    new e class availability

    Thanks for all the comments. Just heard from dealer that because I want the driver assistance package build won't be till quarter 3 this year. Anyone else heard similar, wonder if this is valid or just dealer stinging me along with their allocation
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    new e class availability

    Does anyone know when the upgraded w212 will be available in UK. I am due to replace my current e class in may but dealer won't confirm when they can deliver new one
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    New V12 Comand APS disk just released

    I took my W212 - 350 CDi for its first 'A' service today, the dealer told me they would need it for 2 to 3 hours and would include the software update for command while they were doing the service. When I picked up the vehicle they told me I needed to bring it back for the command update as...
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    HFP - Doing my head in

    if you have got the pairing done you should see the MB Bluetooth in your Blackberry list of Bluetooth devices, slect the full list of options and check that the 'connect on power up' is set to yes In the Device properties for the MBBluetooth also make sure the 'Trusted' option is set to yes...
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    W212 - Rear indicator bulb

    Really dumb question but can anyone give any advice on changing of a rear indicator bulb. I got warning message this morning that rear left indicator bulb had failed. Cursory glance in the boot and look at the manual but I am clueless. Any help appreciated
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    New E class Bi Xenon intelligent light system

    Does anyone know if it is possible to turn off the lights on the new e-class altogether. With the intelligent light system on, the system seems too sensitive and turns on the dipped headlights at the first sight of a cloud. Even if I turn off the intelligent light system it still seems to...
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    W212 - Speed Assist

    Oldcro - it uses a camera mounted on the windscreen to recognise speed limit signs and displays these in the central display on the on board computer
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    W212 - Speed Assist

    Does anyone know if the Speed Assist function on the new E class is standard or only comes as part of the driver assistance package ? The dealer has suggested to me that this was standard on the Avantgarde but I the option is not available from the Assist menu
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    My E350 CDI Sport Saloon Review

    Thank you I will let the dealer know
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    My E350 CDI Sport Saloon Review

    Mbenz76 another question if you dont mind. I am pretty close to placing an order for the 350CDi sport and am considering the distronic plus as an option. The dealer has told me that with this option the sport steering wheel will be replace with the 4 spoke version from the Avantgarde which is...
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