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    GLC 63s Winter Tyres

    @grober not to worry - I think I've decided to stick to separate sets of winter and summer tyres anyway - prefer the idea of tyres being suited to a specific environment rather than trying to do both environments in a mediocre way. Thanks to you all for the input.
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    GLC 63s Winter Tyres

    @grober - very interesting re: tyre profile. I have just read a post suggesting that the rear wheels can actually accommodate 275/40 R21s as they overall wheel size results in a less than 2% differential from stock, which is within spec. This would allow a wider choice of tyre, and indeed allow...
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    GLC 63s Winter Tyres

    Hi Richard - yes I’ve seen posts about the Scorpions but they’re all from the US and we don’t seem to have both sizes here in the UK
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    GLC 63s Winter Tyres

    @MrRight - thanks for the kind comments about my car - it is definitely a beast! I love the car so much, it soured things a little when I started to experience this phenomenon, but I'm adjusting my perspective to it more and more each day. Winter Tyres are definitely on the cards. I am...
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    GLC 63s Winter Tyres

    Thank you both for the replies. This is exactly the advice I was looking for. MrRight - I am getting my head around this as an engineering decision by car manufacturers, but not having experienced it on any performance car I have owned previously (Nissan GTR, Audi R8 to name a couple) I must...
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    GLC 63s Winter Tyres

    Hi All, Not wanting to go through the whole crabbing discussion again, but need some advice. I have had my 63s for about 5 months now and the crabbing issue has been a real ballache for the last 2. Dealer/MBUK as expected have told me that I'm on my own - I will likely be going to the...
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    CLK55 AMG or CLS55 AMG?

    Guys I've seen some early ('53) CLK55's (coupes) going for an absolute song on the trader - around £10k. Are these worth considering? Did they suffer from any early build issues or is the major price difference just due to being pre-facelift? From all the info on here, could be a fun project...
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    Insurance Company Recommendations?

    Couple of things to note, from previous experience: 1. Garage is not always best - I have always had cheaper online quotes by far when keeping it on a street overnight - something to do with the statistics of vandalism and thievery in a garage 2. Admiral is doing really realy cheap deals at...
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    New Member from Glasgow

    Welcome Mark :) sounds like a hell of a motor - lots of pics when it arrives please!
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    New member with £650 W140!

    Astonished! Thats so much car for the money - great work with the interior, has really brightened up nicely. My uncle used to have an s500 coupe and it was built like a tank - got yourself a real stunner mate :)
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    New member from London

    Hi, Always nice to here from someone who has one - anything to note re: reliability?
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    New member from London

    Hi Mic, I think the CLK55 cab is geting the vote - but need to wait for the missus to get back from abroad for "the conversation" :wallbash:
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    CLK55 AMG or CLS55 AMG?

    My bad - I guess Parker's are full of sh** :dk:
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    CLK55 AMG or CLS55 AMG?

    I agree - the CLK55 has 510Nm of torque, which is monstrous given its size
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    Soon to be C350 Cdi Estate Owner

    Welcome to the forum :)
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    The impact of the unrest on Mercedes Benz Birmingham

    I think given the attitude of the rioters, any show of wealth is a target
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    Just bought my SL500

    Gorgeous. My dearly departed dad left behind an sl280 which my mum now drives - with the original 8 hole alloys. Holds a very special place in my heart, does this shape SL.
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    It would take something pretty interesting & special to convert me to the Dark Side..

    That is beautiful. Having had a pretty high number of beemers at my tneder age, I would have to say thats really quite special. Very rare, very classy, and apart from some (ahem) perhaps questionable electrical gremlins, built like tanks. The motors in those are supposed to last forever.
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    CLK55 AMG or CLS55 AMG?

    Hi moonloops, thanks for your comments. Not sure if I'm getting my information wrong, but from what I understand the power figures are as follows: non supercharged 5.0 develops ~306hp non supercharged 5.4 amg develops ~370hp non supercharged, non AMG 5.5 motor develops ~388hp...
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