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    Water Leak in the boot Lid E200

    i got similar problem on my e220 estate: water getting into battery compartment , but boot is dry itself. any one know how it's getting in there?
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    646.811 and 646.821 engines interchange?

    Please advise Is C220 cdi (engine code 646.811) and E220 cdi engine code 646.821 the same engines? Can I swap bare engines keeping my ancilliaries on E220 cdi? Thanks in advance
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    2007 e220 cdi 646.821engine oil pump failed

    Thanks for reply Need another advise: Will the engine from c220 cdi (646.811 code) fit and work with my ancillaries e220 cdi code 646.821. i know they'e very similar but is it the same engine (bare engine)? Thanks
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    2007 e220 cdi 646.821engine oil pump failed

    Hi all Long story short: My engine's connecting rod bearings gone due to oil pump somehow failed and now I'm in need of the whole bottom block, or may be even the whole bare engine?! Does anyone know where i can find one in/around London?
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