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    Suspension Dropping W212

    Thanks everyone - the cars in the garage today so hopefully I'll find out more soon.
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    Suspension Dropping W212

    My 2010 E-Class estate (W212 or S212) has air suspension at the rear and I've noticed that it drops right down over the wheels intermittently - especially when cold. It's been like that for about a year and nothing came up on STAR when I had it checked. It always drops evenly on both sides and...
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    C200 Petrol Estate wanted !

    You could buy a new one with that spec for about £28.5k - check out drive the deal or some of the other online retailers.
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    Real world MPG - 350 CGI vs 500 vs E63

    I have a 2010 S212 350 CGI E-Class estate and get about 25mpg on my trips from London to West Cork - o it's a mixture of motorways and country roads. I think the most I've ever got is 30mpg on a return trip to Brighton. Having said that this is the best, most reliable car I have ever owned. The...
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    Need someone to check out a R129 near Sutton, Surrey

    I live in Sutton and take my car to an Independent Specialist - DDR Surrey based in Ashtead which is about 10 miles away. Happy to take a look at the car on your behalf. My mechanical knowledge is limited but I've bought a few cars in my time and know what to look for. Is it the one for sale in...
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    SLK 350 cd player

    I should add I have the NTG1 system with satnav which uses a dvd player in the boot (which works fine).
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    SLK 350 cd player

    Now well into my mid-life crises I decided to treat myself to an 05 reg SLK 350 (Picture below). I made the trip from Surrey to Huddersfield and back in a day to pick it up - I was still having fun after 10 hours of driving! It has a few issues which I'm having fixed (a broken inlet manifold...
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    Recommendations for a dent guy, Surrey/ SW London

    I recently used PP Coachworks in Epsom for tile damage repairs to my E-Class - they did a very good job for a reasonable price. Here's the website. Car body repair in Epsom - PP Coachworks Ltd
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    2011 E220 or E350 Estate - which to buy?

    I also have an E350 estate (CGI Petrol). It's the 2010 model with the 7g gearbox - Like you, I only cover about 7k miles a year. Fuel economy isn't great on short runs but neither is the diesel. On longer runs it is surprisingly good (this weekend I averaged 30.5 mpg on a 120 round trip from...
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    HELP Me! 350 CDI vs 350 CGI

    I have the petrol engine in my E350 estate and it's a gem - very smooth and powerful - I would imagine it would be a lot more fun in the cabriolet as well. Also these engines are pretty bullet proof now the cam shaft problem has been resolved and there's no turbo, diesel injectors or DPF issues...
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    E350 cgi

    I have a E350 CGI estate (2010) and it's a fantastic car - very smooth and powerful. I'm not getting Knighterrants mpg but it's still not bad for a big petrol engined estate. Good luck finding one though as they're very rare.
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    W212 unl

    Well it was the point for me - I had a choice of a 350 cdi or 350 cgi engine and I chose the cgi engine for the reasons I have just given. I thought my point of view was relevant given the the questions asked by the post originator.
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    W212 unl

    But I'm only doing 7000 - 8000 miles per year and the real MPG in my diesel W211 was about 29 MPG for mixed driving so not a great deal of difference - maybe an extra £250 a year for fuel. I also bought the car at 3 years old at considerably less than the diesel equivalent. The running and...
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    W212 unl

    I have a 2010 S212 (Estate) 350cgi. It's a 3.5 litre naturally aspirated engine and I'm a big fan of it. It's very smooth, refined and powerful (292 BHP) - it doesn't have the "turbo rush" of the diesel but it doesn't run out of puff when you put your foot down. I'm averaging 25 mpg in mixed...
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    E Class V6 Petrol Engines

    I've got an early S212 with the V6 petrol engine and I love it. From what I understand the engine was slightly uprated in the move from w211 to w212 - a bit more power and less emissions. The only problem I've had with the car was due to a failing battery - which I replaced for £125. If you can...
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    Should I choose diesel or petrol?

    I have the 350 cgi engine in my E Class estate and it's fantastic, it returns about 20% less in mpg than my previous cdi E class saloon. But the driving experience is much more rewarding - quiet smooth and fast. I think it's a real shame MB have dropped this engine as it provides a real...
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    w211 vs w212 whats the issue?

    I went from a late W211 (320cdi saloon) to an early W212 (350cgi estate) and in my opionion the W212 is better in almost every way. That's not to take any thing away from the earlier model - it's a fantastic car, it's just the newer model feels like a step up in quality.
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    Purchasing a C Class demonstrator

    Hello Dutchie, It's worth bearing in mind that these cars are heavily discounted on many internet sites. For example, Drive the deal are showing an OTR price of £28,445 for a C CLASS DIESEL SALOON C220 BlueTEC AMG Line 4dr Auto. That's a discount of £6324 off the list price. So I would suggest...
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    Anyone use DDR Surrey for AMG service?

    I've used DDR for about 4 years now and I can thoroughly recommend them. The owner Dan keeps his promises and I've never had any surprises when it came to paying! I don't have a real AMG but I've seen a few there when I've dropped my car off.
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