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    MOT Woes

    There used to be an MOT place near where I worked - they used to make a fortune out of "corroded hydraulic brake lines". Whenever anyone failed an MOT it was always for brake lines. I used to take my cars somewhere else and my brake lines never got pulled.
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    124 A Pillar Interior Trim.

    They appear to be the same for the Coupe & Cabriolet I have an EPC account. The EPC for my Cab shows both Coupe and Cab with the same trim parts. The part Nos. are A 124 690 5725 xxxx for the left side A 124 690 5825 xxxx for the right side where xxxx is the colour code
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    W124 Interior Trim Panel Removal

    I had the side panels off last week and from what I remember the grilles are held in by plastic pins/rivets which are locked in the rear by tiny retainer washers which are pressed onto the plastic pins. The speaker grille No. is A 124 690 0108 Plus colour code.
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    R170 SLK Cigarette Lighter replacement - Help what part number do I require?

    The part No. A 000 820 1853 is for the cigar lighter itself. the bit that comes out. I just checked the EPC and the housing No. is A 170 680 0652 - Housing with blinds and shelf. So it looks like the dealer isn't kidding.
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    Leaking in passenger footwell

    Does the car have air conditioning? If so it could be the evaporator drain backing up. Sometimes the plastic/ rubber drain tubes get piched and the water drains back into the passenger compartment.
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    Booster seat that fits sports seats

    I think she's looking for something that'll disable the front passenger airbag. I took the 2 sensors from a Mercedes kids seat and taped them to the underside of a normal booster. Worked great
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