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    E320 CDI Tailgate High Viz Brake Light

    I have cracked the lense (don;t ask!) on my estate tailgate brake light - fitted in the bodywork above the rear screen (not mounted on the glass). If I source a replacement (arm and a leg from Mercs, I've checked) is it possible to remove and replace without major surgery to the tailgate/trim...
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    E320 / S212 - Diesel Engine - Tickover Speed

    Hi chaps. I'm new around here and posted a couple of threads on the Elecronics Forum last night so tonight I thought I'd pester the Engine forum. I bought my 2001 E320 CDI Estate last week (94k miles on the clock) and am working my way through the inevitable niggles. Its the first time that...
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    W210 Digital Clock in the instrument pod

    Another feature of my nice E320 - W210 Variant relates to the digital clock in the instrument pod. The digital readout is 'garbled/scrambled/doesn't work'. By using the 'change the time' routine it is possible to see something happening - like the top half of a number 2 or part of another number...
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    E320 2001 - Fog Lights puzzle?

    I'm kinda new around here and have been enjoying reading all these threads today, some of which have solved some mysteries, so I thought I'd join in. Just acquired a 2001 E320 CDI Estate (by the way, what 'W' is it - I had a C180 previously and never did crack the magic Mercedes Model code...
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