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    CV Gaitor Melted!!

    Evening All, I am needing to change the outer CV gaitor on my ML270 W163 as i got a bit over enthusiastic with the blow torch when trying to get a snapped front anti roll bar bolt out. :doh::( My question is can i just remove hub nut (easier said than done) and then the top and bottom...
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    Diagnostis Trouble Codes - HELP!!

    Hello All, Have been having trouble with gearbox going into limp home mode straight away and BAS, ESP, ABS and EPC lights on. I bought an Autoenginuity scanner with the enhanced Merceds package cleared all codes then read after short drive and got the following codes and wondered if anyone...
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    handbrake light

    Hello All, Anyone experienced the handbrake light coming on with a buzzer and gearbox stuck in gear? cheers Trevor
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    Pilot Bush

    Hi All, I am changing the pilot bush on my ML270 due to oil in the wiring loom and gearbox module issue. I have had the bottom half of the dash out to clean all the oil from the loom and inside the module and am now working on the underside of the car. Problem is i cant seem to get the new...
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    K6 Relay Testing

    Morning All, I am having trouble with my ML270 2002. The three braking system lights are on. When i start the car and begin to drive the yellow triangle flashes as if looking for or testing something and then a fourth light comes on...epc...i think and the triangle stops flashing..... I have...
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    ML270 OVP relay

    Hello all, Does anyone know if these cars have an ovp and where it is located? thanks trevor
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    ETS light and brake pulse

    Hello all, I have a problem with my 2002 ML270. When driving normally and very intermitantly the ETS warning triangle comes on and a kind of pulsing can be felt through the brake pedal whist gently braking. Some times this happens when not even touching the pedal for a second and then it...
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    Help!!!...have i bought a dud!!!

    Hello All, I am now the proud owner of a 2002 ML270 with 70,000 miles on the clock. Really like the car and bought it for safety for my wife and one year old. I live in Aberdeen and bought the car in Glasgow...the drive up was excellent really comfortable and good acceleration on...
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