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    Messages on back off vans

    Just seen this one No pork pies stored in this van overnight Get your own chips :0)
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    Happy Days & the Fun side of driving

    There's me driving my newly aquired old Ford Anglia.My girlfriend in the Passenger seat and the sun was shining. Getting onto the motorway I stopped on the slip road hardshoulder and the Girlfriend climbed into the driving seat and off we went. Within 1/2 mile we were stopped by a motorway...
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    Years ago had an old Ford Pop 100e

    Years ago had an old ford pop 100e Head gasket went, still got me home 98 miles later Side valve engine, so simple to repair, 8 bolts , job done (after a clean) Brakes, doddle to replace Starter end worm gear to replace- piece of cake Piston blew its top off - to replace - a doddle...
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    Is there a requirement for this service here

    I have a small workshop with all types of machinery, lathes, miller, engraver etc etc Next door there is printer that has an American machine that is quite old. The spares are expensive from America. He shows me a part that has failed and I make it on my machines. I get in return free printing...
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    Seen a nice T reg S class

    Thinks its time for a change from my fault increasing C180 Is there anything I should look out for in a T reg S class 130,000 miles Is it expensive to run 3.2 engine I like the big boot :0) I am use to a C180 Your advice much appreciated
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    This steering noise is driving me potty

    When doing a sharp left or right turn a rumbling da da da da type noise appears. Then it goes away for a couple of days. Then comes back. I suppose the word is intermittant. Power steering fluid is a healthy dark red (not brown or black) The annoying part is when its ok the steering is...
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    Best way to "glue" cast iron

    I have a thin bracket 3/16in thick made of cast iron of an engraving machine (Taylor Hobson CB ) that I accidently broke. Tried a few epoxy's without success Any member heard of JB Weld (used to epoxy weld exhausts) or similar Help most appreciated
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    What would you of done in this situation

    This happened a couple of years back but I have always wondered did I do the right thing I use to rent a workshop in an industrial/commercial centre. Drivinf out one day a Ford car reversed right into the side of my w202. He got out, looked at HIS damage and said "Oh, no not again". I said...
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    Is there a dummies guide to replacing brake shoes

    I have only just got into doing the mechanics Is there a guide prefably with pictures I have the Haynes but their photos are not clear enough for me Thanks to this site I have replaced a viscous fan clutch(£36), sorted the power steering fluid (£8-99)and replaced the heater controller (£10)...
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    Can you suggest a manufacturer of power steering fluid

    Can a member suggest a make of power steering for my car C180 W202 1995 Its just that when I ask for Dextron they say there are various ones-which one :wallbash: Also How many litres do I need for a complete change and is the turkey baster method ok comments and help really appreciated...
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    Can't believe I did this

    Power steering fluid was low and steering was making noises I have only gone and topped up with GREEN CHF11s fluid and not the red dextron 2/3 . The fluid is dirty so it didn't click. :doh: It was only approx 2 or 3 egg cupfulls The good news - all noises and whining gone and sharp...
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    Just curious

    Just wondered why some de-badge their cars Its just my car didn't have a the C180 badge when I bought it Cheers
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    How do you remove light cluster from heater control panel

    Eventually I manage to remove heater control panel Found that pulling of the knobs you can get access to the lights How do you remove them and what is the replacement lights I tried pulling them with no success Many Thanks
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    Cheapest place to buy heater control panel

    Wheres the cheapest place to purchase a heater control panel for a 1995 C180 I have given up on the old one Many Thanks
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    LC10 hydraulic oil

    Anyone heard of LC10 hydraulic oil and can it be used in Mercs
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    Can low power transmission fluid make steering noises

    Is just that when the engines cold - no steering noises When warm I get noises when I make a sharp turn I have noticed the PTF is low Is is possible when I turn a bit of air gets in Many Thanks
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    New funny noise

    My car has started to do a new noise Like "Who who 0000h" Could it be the belts or the power trasmission Also when I do a slow sharp turn it sounds like my tyre is rubbing against metal but I know its not Just had my cat replaced and it all started after that Any advice please Thanks
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    I like Merc's but !!!!

    I bought a 1995 C180 for 3K My Landlord and a Mate said " You won't have to buy another car" After 5 years its costing a lot in repairs I am not complaining about the cost (I enjoy driving it) But Whats the cheapest oldest Merc to run or is there such a thing Many Thanks
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    Problem with Heater

    One day got in the car and the white lights around the selector switches for the heater were flashing. Noticed the recirc button would not work. Put the main car lights on and the flashing stopped but the recirc button did not light. Read on another forum " to bash the dash with your hand" Yes...
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    Removal of a pioneer DEH 30MP

    Does any member know how to remove a Pioneer DEH radio CD from a 1995 C180 For security the front of it unclips etc. There is no slots for special tools Its got me baffled Many Thanks
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