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  1. Schuey

    For Sale: 2 x Michelin Pilot Sport 4S - 285/30/R20 Tyres

    I have for sale 2 x MPS4S Tyres - 285/30 R20 99 Y XL, ZR, virtually brand new and only covered approx 400 miles. Bought from Oponeo 3 weeks ago, receipts available to verify. I paid the price below, £240 each: I will let them go for £190...
  2. Schuey

    W205 C200 AMG Line Auto

    Thanks bud, will do.
  3. Schuey

    W205 C200 AMG Line Auto

    Guys, Picked up the car for Dad and he loves it. Can I just check what tyre pressures people are running that they get on with? I'm aware of the MB recommended but sometimes people try their own preferences. FYI the car as the 18inch AMG line wheels with 225 tyres at front and 245 tyres on...
  4. Schuey

    W205 C200 AMG Line Auto

    Thanks very much for the feedback. I think they look great in AMG Line trim and the petrol C200 engine produces 184bhp with 0-60 in 7.2 secs so will be much quicker than his old W204 C200 CDI. :)
  5. Schuey

    W205 C200 AMG Line Auto

    Hi Chaps, Haven't posted here for a while but looking for some advice please. Going to see an MB Approved Used March 2016 C200 AMG Line Auto, that has only covered 8000 miles on Thursday as a potential car for my Dad. Just wanted to ask those in the know if there is anything I should look...
  6. Schuey


    Happy New Year all.
  7. Schuey

    Happy Christmas To All My Forum Friends

    Merry Xmas all.
  8. Schuey

    new c63 video.....worth a look

    I like it.
  9. Schuey

    Chris harris on cars - Mercedes Amg Gt S

    Oh dear :doh:
  10. Schuey

    Chris harris on cars - Mercedes Amg Gt S

    I just hope that Getrag gearbox finds it's way into the C63 too!
  11. Schuey

    Chris harris on cars - Mercedes Amg Gt S

    Chris Harris drives the new AMG GT S. If the new C63 is anything to go by the AMG GT S, then it'll be one hell of a car. Really impressed by this review of the AMG GT S. Looks and sounds awesome. Enjoy :thumb:
  12. Schuey

    To all S Class Owners - Do you sometimes feel its "too Much"

    I'd have a fully loaded S-Class any day over a Rolls or Bentley. That's how special I think they are. It is a special car and always the benchmark. Technology wise years ahead with ultimate class.
  13. Schuey

    Workshop lift fail - Merc GWagen

    Wow, close shave for the guy.
  14. Schuey

    NEW MEMBER & what I drive

    Very nice E-Class. I had the coupe version back in 2010. Do miss the comfort.
  15. Schuey

    New SLS owner

    Wow, awesome motors.
  16. Schuey

    Why I Drive An AMG.

    Hey John, I've got an M3 and although it sounds decent, I agree there is no comparison to the sound of the N/A V8 AMGs. :thumb:
  17. Schuey

    0 - 207 mph In 4.7 Seconds

    Our very own Guy Martin will be after this record next!!!!
  18. Schuey

    CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS - 458 Speciale v 991 GT3

    OMG that stitching is truly shocking. I'd much rather have the Porsche anyway.
  19. Schuey

    Why I Drive An AMG.

    Mines not an AMG but I can truly relate to this feeling when you start the car up in the morning. I agree the sound of the M3 V8 is not as grand as that of the AMGs but it something about knowing the amount of power you have under the right foot and that V8 soundtrack that does it for you...
  20. Schuey

    7G DCT Transmission

    I agree that Mercedes need to produce a decent DCT gearbox. The one in my M3 is awesome, lightning fast shifts up or down with throttle blips. If Mercedes do a decent gearbox in their new C63 I might come back to Mercedes. :)
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