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  1. Parisien

    1996 SL320 Timing chain cover leak/gasket.

    I'd noticed a leak from this area sometime ago and tried a clean and sealant type fix to no avail, plus a fix article noted that it usually isn't the gasket but a poor interface generally see link.
  2. Parisien

    Best value/warranty for a TYPE 017 battery?

    Not driven my SL for a while, the hefty battery not taking a change, its 6/7 yrs old, wheres the best place to order one? P
  3. Parisien

    FOOTMAN JAMES classic car breakdown insurance, alternative?

    I am currently insured with the above company for my 4 Mercedes classics, on phoning up today to renew after receiving a reminder letter they now tell me its being discontinued! They were very competitive and offered EU wide cover, anyone else the forum can recommend? P
  4. Parisien

    FOR SALE : Full set of W124 coupe over mats

    I bought these really to use when I took, my now sold W124 coupe out on high days and sunny days (about 3 over the last year over here!!!) But firstly can some one on the forum confirm they are Mercedes origin mats for me, see photo of label. Paid a fair amount for them, they are as new...
  5. Parisien

    Wanted - 300ce 1990 brochure

    Anyone have a spare one of these (or price lists etc) ? Looked on ebay can only see a German version or others way too expensive, happy to pay a reasonable amount and cover postage, Cheers P ( Indeed I have a few to swop if suitable, 190e or 190e 2.3-16 brochure)
  6. Parisien

    Pair of W124 coupe smoked rear lenses, for sale

    As seen in photo, re-instating originals these are now spare ( they'd only been on car for 500 miles!). They sell for £65 a pair will take £40 including postage. P
  7. Parisien

    Wide selection of NEW GSF/Europarts parts for 190/W201

    I'm selling one of the Mercs, the Smoke silver automatic, I have quite a parts bin which needs lightened! Set of front and rear discs by Eichman/Pagid. 2 X sets of front pads Jurid/Pagid Set of Bosch HT leads. Bosch oil filter. 3 X brake hoses Pagid/Pex 2 X lower arm ball joints 2 X...
  8. Parisien

    Wheres the moderators???????????

    Come on guys step up and delete all these spamming threads!!!! :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::wallbash::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::ban::fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:fail:dk::dk::dk::dk::dk P
  9. Parisien

    R129 96 ....aerial required

    My mechanic and I stripped said unit, found the control board was corroded in a number of places, plus neck tube corroded so its swelled the main plastic box unit, so can't extract/fix. We have a spare mast, motor works etc Any have a spare non working aerial with good board, outer box to...
  10. Parisien

    WANTED - 1995 SL320 facelift brochure

    There are one or two hard back brochures on ebay but the £25-30 price is a little steep, anyone got spares/copies at a more reasonable price? Pm me if necessary. P
  11. Parisien

    Finally........a stunning SL320 is mine, all mine!

    Had been looking for the last 3-4 mths, drove a few looked at a few more, then considered A124 cabriolets, just saw one of those in very poor shape today, dismissed it immediately. Looking at the usual web sources, prices, specs and condition seemed to bear no relation to each other. So...
  12. Parisien

    R230SL brochures, options other than ebay?

    Apart the source above, anyone know of another web based source, ideally one thats reasonably priced? Or indeed if anyone has duplicates or wish to sell their 2006/7/8 brochures, please let me know. I must be near the pm permission limit by now! P
  13. Parisien

    Newbie - advice required, 2007/8 CL or SL?

    Hello MB forum, Its a number of years since I've owned a Mercedes, actually back in the 80s! Currently running a Maserati 4200, I am thinking of changing next year and have started my usual 6-9 months of research! I could still change to a fresher, lower miles 4200, but am also impressed by...
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