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  1. Trophy1200

    We're planning to move to Canada

    My wife and I are also looking to emigrate to Canada. She has had an informal chat with an employer in Alberta, and is awaiting them setting up a video conferencing interview for her. I am looking at the job market at the moment and we are both looking at property to buy. She was offered a job...
  2. Trophy1200

    Audio 20 AUX Volume Level

    ajs37 please see my post about fitting aux socket in 2006 W203.
  3. Trophy1200


    I also bought 2GB of RAM from them, cost £34 ish. Bought what was recommended on their memory congigurator thingy on their web site. Caused computer to keep crashing and only 1GB recognised by BIOS and Windows XP. Flashed my BIOS to no avail, turned out I needed 16 chip rather than 8 chip...
  4. Trophy1200

    Terrible experience with a local independent

    Good result with a sensible attitude. Car back, no threats of suing or lawyers. I hope that you keep a good rapport with the indie, he sounds like he is a good one. Good on you for taking the sensible approach after having time to calm down and reflect on the situation.
  5. Trophy1200

    Terrible experience with a local independent

    If the problem was getting worse, why was it not sorted before it had chance to get to that stage? Then all would have been sorted before your airport run and no aggro would have been caused by the delay. I know that hindsight is a wonderfull thing, but don't forget the 6Ps. Preparation and...
  6. Trophy1200

    Any Fellow Bikers on here ?

    Triumph Trophy 1200 here.
  7. Trophy1200

    Lets talk about Mercs for once!

    I have a Merc, do you have one as well??? Is this a Merc forum then???
  8. Trophy1200


    It would probably still be working if you hadn't licked it.:D :D :D
  9. Trophy1200

    Navigation and postcodes

    As far as I'm aware all Comand have only the 5 digit postcode entry option. I'm sure somebody else will correct me if I'm wrong. Mine's a W203 with latest version of update disc and stiil only has 5 digit entry.
  10. Trophy1200

    Cheap phone calls from the USA

    If she's with Vodafone get her to ask them about the Vodafone Passport. Set one off price for calls made or received ( I think it's 75p per call ) plus lower per minute costs. Not tried it yet, but should be explained on the Vodafone website.
  11. Trophy1200

    Is Gordon Brown responsible?

    Clear skies and bright sunshine here in "gloomy" Scotland.:bannana: :bannana: :bannana:
  12. Trophy1200

    New TeleAtlas DX navigation discs and New house / street

    Moved into a new build house 4 years ago, still not shown on most internet maps ( google, msmaps etc.) and not on v8 of Comand APS either.
  13. Trophy1200

    Motor bike chit chat

    Only problem I have with the mirrors on the Trophy is that the wife can see them when she's riding pillion. :( :( :( Seriously thought, that's why it's called a LIFESAVER and should be taught to car drivers AND should be included in the test, not as a minor point though.
  14. Trophy1200

    Advice: Dealers asked me what i want to do to draw a line under the matter..

    If you do ask for more, don't go overboard, work out what it has ACTUALLY cost you money wise, then consider the outstanding issues. If you go too high then they will probably not agree and not offer what they would have done had your costs been more reasonable.
  15. Trophy1200

    Motor bike chit chat

    I can think of a worse fate for them John:devil: :devil: :devil: I too have car, bike and HGV licenses, only had 2 accidents in 32 years of driving/riding. Side swiped in a car by an HGV and driven into from behind by a car whilst on the bike. I count myself lucky but feel that my defensive...
  16. Trophy1200


    Well done on the public apology Donza.:D mmmmmmmmmmmmmm C cups...........................:crazy: :crazy: :crazy: :crazy:
  17. Trophy1200

    Never buying Merc again. Pretty depressed atm..

    Donza, I'm glad that your situation is now being resolved to your satisfaction. I do however feel that an apology is made on your other thread, to all members that were trying to offer you advice on your situation, as it appeared from your posts.
  18. Trophy1200

    It had to happen at some point

    Bad news on the accident, good news on your lack of injuries. I was thinking on the way home, must get the bike booked in for its MOT and get back on 2 wheels. Hope everything gets sorted to your satisfaction insurance wise. Best of luck, and glad that you are okay so far, just wait for...
  19. Trophy1200


    I use BT and am able to check my mail through BTYahoo. It puts the spam into a bulk folder, which you can check for legitimate mails, and also check your inbox for spam. You can flag any spam mail in your inbox as spam and it recognises it in the future. easy enough then to empty the bulk and...
  20. Trophy1200

    More Jokes

    Not sure if it was intended, but worked it out myself without the punchline. May be Bear's sense of humour not putting the punchline in.:p :p :p
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