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    Blue Tooth Phone Problem

    Hi Lads. Merc c.class c220 cdi 2008 estate. tried to connect my phone samsung galaxy s3 to blue tooth. Phone Connects but not address book. Instructions say "After confirming passkey by selecting ok a pop up box should appear" Contacts/phone book request MB would like to access phone book...
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    c.class w204 avantgarde Steering problem

    C220 cdi 2008 48k Hi All. Dont know this site too well already posted this under electrics (numpty). Intermittant Squealing from Steering. Disconnected Coloumn from rack, noise the same so not coloumn. Can be quiet for weeks then very noisy. occours Hot or Cold either side of neutral, any...
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    c.class w204 estate 2008 front sam unit

    Hi all. Totally new to this so apoliges if going over old ground. Just purchased car from Dealer 200 miles away. (yes get it). Engine temp rises and falls within accepted temps, but far from constant. Traffic quickly up to 90c. Moving quickly down 40 mph 60c. Constant speed m/way constant at...
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