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    C180 W203 front Arms

    It seems the front suspension bush has gone on my C180 its covered in oil and vibration over bumps. Also the other side has been squeeking for about 12months think its the ball joint on arm, not the anti roll bar checked those bushes. Had a look at the Lemforder are these still best, also...
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    M271 Oil consumption

    I have a C180 Kompressor 2004 just hitting 50K on clock. I've had it for a few years and now its just asked me to add 1 Ltr of oil, last service was around 1 year ago done 7K miles since. Is this normal oil usage, or a sign of a problem developing. Had a quick look under bonet can't see any...
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    W203 Stalk Adapter for Pioneer unit

    Looking to fit a double din pioneer into my W203 04, pre face lift I've seen a few can units to adapt the steering wheel controls to do volume seek etc, but as the headunit has bluetooth telephone handfree is there a can box out there that also supports the telephone buttons.
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    W203 Parking Sensors

    I have a w203 C class 04, pre face lift. One of the front passanger parking sensors keeps messing about its intermittent but when it happens every time they engage it shows full on the display and beeps alot then works for abit and does it again. Does the little panel come off that the sensors...
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    W203 Rear clonk noise

    I have a w203 coupe first gen on 04, when the car is parked up for a day or two on the street with a slight gradient. When I pull off I get a few clonk noises from the rear originally thought it was the handbrake shoes not releasing as had a problem with pedal not returning properly these have...
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    Noises help to locate

    Got a 2004 W203 Coupe, hit some standing water and ever since I get a squeek from the front pass foot well area, kinda sounds like metal on rubber. It only last for about 1-2 miles then disapears untill the car is left for awhile. Second one rear drivers side wheel, sometimes after pulling off...
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