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  1. J

    Mercedes Connect Me

    I had one fitted yesterday on my 2014 W205. No charge.
  2. J

    Mercedes Me Update

    Sytner Bath installed the sender unit and set up the connection with the app I had already installed on my iPhone 6S. It took a few attempts but works fine. It is quite nifty really but on my car it doesn't track the vehicle and you can't lock it from the iPhone. I needed to have my driving...
  3. J

    Mercedes Me Update

    For some reason this post duplicated and I can't delete it.
  4. J

    Mercedes Me Update

    I downloaded the App and registered but it wouldn't connect to the car (W205 registered Sept 2014). Rang the supplying dealer who told me that it needed the adaptor fitting to the ECU. This is being done next Tuesday free of charge. They said they would run through all the features with me...
  5. J

    My W205 - faults and gearbox advice please!

    My W205 has covered 17.5k miles and is 2 years old. No gearbox problems and the keyless all works ok. I like the foot sensor for the boot lid opening, very useful.
  6. J

    W205 reliability issues

    The noise from the steering on full lock is a problem which on my car was rectified with a modification. Don't know exactly what they did but it is known to MB service staff, or should be.
  7. J

    Ordered a Merc, I hope I have made the right decisions

    My local dealer advised me to pay for my first service, £224, then take out a 3 year service plan for 3 years (2xB and 1xA). The cost would be the same £30 per month but you get more service for the same outlay. I had a 3 year service plan for my previous car (C180) at £27 a month. However it...
  8. J

    W205 C200 petrol MPG?

    I took delivery of a C200 Sport Premium demonstrator a month ago. It had 4000 miles on the clock. Since then I have done about 800 miles with a mix of motorway and local trips. If you believe the accumulative computer read out then I have averaged 39.7 mpg. It is used in Comfort mode. I tried it...
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