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  1. LudoCLS

    W210 E320cdi mpg

    realy good figures, mine estate was doing 22in London, never saw 40 on dash.
  2. LudoCLS

    Selling A Car on Ebay

    Good thing on eBay with clasified ad is that you can change listing for free in first 3weeks from 4 i believe and sell more cars for £15 if you are quick :)... Im doing it with motorbikes...
  3. LudoCLS

    Veer to left

    Same here with my wifes golf. Bigger cars pulls more though. Took both my MBs to WIM and it was much better after... Im poor now and driving old transit...hmm and it runs straight as nothing else :)
  4. LudoCLS

    2001 or 2002 ML 270 ?

    Im looking for 2004/2005 under 100k miles. PM me.
  5. LudoCLS

    Channel 4 now

    It looks like they can make real big money on it!
  6. LudoCLS

    Veer to left

    And when you cross the chanel car pulls right...right? They should rid off all that bloody cambers! :)
  7. LudoCLS

    Tough choice every morning

    Not true anymore Dodge charger SRT Hellcat is now more powerfull and fastest with 707 hp 204mph.
  8. LudoCLS

    Someone not happy with their new Audi...

    Despite of almost all went wrong when i owned skoda with 2.0tdi PD engine, was not oil consumption on my engine at i saved on oil but sold as non runner with 125k miles. Was just thinking about 2.0tfsi...hmm will think again.
  9. LudoCLS

    Just bought a W219 CLS Grand Editon

    Fair enough, if it was leather it was worst leather i ever seen. Vented seats are good and even older mercs got much better leather. But otherwise i loved the car wish i could keep it.
  10. LudoCLS

    Just bought a W219 CLS Grand Editon

    Im not confusing xenons, took me long time to find car with them. Oval foglights and light washers is the clue. I defo had NOT any leather on seats in my 2008 facelift.
  11. LudoCLS

    E63 front disks ...."bargain"....(!)

    What? 1900? You can get lot for that money. Decent CLK? I Paid 1850,- for my wifes golf4 gt tdi 3yrs ago and only needed to replace in that time was brake light switch £6 from ebay. It makes me feel im not yet reach enough for AMG :(
  12. LudoCLS

    Just bought a W219 CLS Grand Editon

    Always wanted that wheels on mine! Glad you have real xenons/80% cls just pretend to be :). What about seats? It was only thing i did not like on my facelift. Not real leather even not vented :(... Enjoy yr new toy.
  13. LudoCLS

    Looks good

    Looks good but i rather buy E55 for that money...
  14. LudoCLS

    Front Tyres Worn at 5,000 miles (14 plate C63)

    I took all my cars after i bought them to Wheels in motion as non of them drove straight and they always did excelent job. I needed few test drives but at the end almost perfection achieved! They replaced bolts on CLS (£60 for bolt??!) was not cheap but 20k car deserved it. But how surprised i...
  15. LudoCLS

    Cls w219

    I would be worry more about MPG though :) I remember once i achieved 47MPG on the run down the M1 Northampton to London with mine 3.0 V6 cdi. Its not huge difference in MPG between 3.5 and 55amg :)
  16. LudoCLS

    E220 SBC fault, advice please

    When SBC failure showed on my dash it was not red just like normal message. I sold car that day so dont know what happened next.
  17. LudoCLS

    This is not your usual put petrol in a diesel thread

    Fuel comes from same rafinery to any petrolstation, unles has added aditives its THE SAME fuel! So could be contaminated on the way to petrol station or in station tanks. Supermarkets sell much more fuel so its bigger space for human error. I had never problem with Tesco fuel and will not stop...
  18. LudoCLS

    CLS - Steering Wheel update

    I did not like very plastic butons on mine facelift CLS Steeringwheel. You should replace LED rear lamps and new shape mirrors to make it look better!
  19. LudoCLS

    Dreaded SBC pump issue on SL55

    I took my E320 cdi 2003 to Watford MB in 2012 as someone said MB will replace pump up to 9yrs for free. They said its normal and sound was present when new! I would return MB with that sound if i buy it new! Four weeks later SBC pump failure went on just when buyer was testing the car. What a...
  20. LudoCLS

    Flippen Bargan e320 cdi s211

    Mine SBC went just on 126k :) Sold same car for 4k 2years ago!
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