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    CL500 - First Problem

    Thanks guys, I think the cats are coming out....
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    CL500 - First Problem

    Hello Everyone I'm new to the forum just having bought a 2002 CL500 with 74k on the clock - see my brief on the new members introduction page. I got the car for a good price (I think) as it has a funny noise. Most sensible people would walk away of course, but my dysfunctional brain took a risk...
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    Hello from new CL500 owner

    Hello Guys I have entered the world of MB through buying one of those ridiculously big motors - a CL500. It was a moment of madness as I fell in love with it very shortly after having a go in it. A friend was selling it because of a "funny noise" so I researched the common problems, took a risk...
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