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    Wipers for RHD/LHD 204s Interchangeable ?

    I would like a spare set of wipers in the shed. From the dealer in Aus the cost is A$130 part # A2048200845 or A2048200245 ( on wiper) I see OEM wipers from in the US for US $20.05 part #2048200145 or #2048200745 at dealer. Would anyone know whether RHD/LHD wipers are...
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    Hello from Australia.

    We have a 2007 built W204 220 CDI which was bought new. We have had no major problems & are enjoying the car very much. I do my own servicing since new & am always willing to give & receive tips. Regards, John.
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    2008 W 204 220 CDI Owner

    208 220 CDI Owner. I have noticed a light rattle in the top front of engine at start up. It sounds to be the cam chain & top sprocket . It quietens down when the engine is warm. The car has another 3 months of warranty & has done 35,000 easy Km. Has any one else noticed this noise?
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