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  1. Honey Bear

    MBclub APP on Apple App Store

    I love this. On my iPad and iPhone. Thanks koolvin
  2. Honey Bear

    Happy Birthday tpwuk.

    Happy Birthday mate
  3. Honey Bear

    C43 - Super High Spec

    After a second look I'm starting to question the pictures. They're dated in '06. but, for The sake of balance, I'm very sure its not that bright at 2 in the morning.
  4. Honey Bear

    C43 - Super High Spec

    I don't usually come out of hiding and say anything on here any more. ...But that look fantastic. Like a forum member has been at it a few times. Gurpz. Agreed! Should be more original.
  5. Honey Bear

    Cat Lover?

    Yep. Pretty much true.
  6. Honey Bear

    Brabus SV12R - iBusiness

    Two iPads yet only one iPhone dock? and isn't that armrest a little short to be used as a platform for the mouse? A lot of money went into this and it's still sh1t. I'd expect the iDevices to bare a little more than just the Brabus logo on their wallpapers. Anyone can retrofit a computer into...
  7. Honey Bear

    How to: Talk to your car!

    Bookmarked. ThAnks R2D2. I'm loving this.
  8. Honey Bear

    Hi, I'm Pete

    Hmmmm. Guy Richie likes modding his vans like this ;) I wonder...
  9. Honey Bear

    Hi, I'm Pete

    Nice! Welcome to the forum. any pics of the 124?
  10. Honey Bear

    Can these get any cheaper!??? CLK55

    Seriously dude, get off the car sites! You'll want to blow a packet :P Though that price makes me dirty all over.
  11. Honey Bear

    Results Day.

    congratu-****ing-lations my man... Seriously though. Well done. And the same goes to young Master Ringway, little Ms Jonnyboy, ect...
  12. Honey Bear

    BMW driver did me a favor.

    Gdgd. You going to post photos up soon? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Honey Bear

    BMW driver did me a favor.

    Good to know you have one less thing to worry about. For the other side are you using the wing from the w210 you're breaking? Btw thanks for the parts he's uber happy with them.
  14. Honey Bear

    new member test

    welcome to the forum.
  15. Honey Bear

    Happy Birthday Pluggers

    Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your day.
  16. Honey Bear

    Reporting bad drivers to Police ?

    I actually agree. Based on driving style and attitude a lot of young drivers do not deserve to drive. But then again... a lot of us admit to having "fun" on the roads. Not saying that the fun had is law breaking. But when things get dangerous I believe action needs to be taken.
  17. Honey Bear

    Rolls Royce Phantom based on a Bentley LWB Turbo R

    It looks like the inbred cousin that they never let out of the basement. The workmanship looks to be very neat and like it has has been done to high standards.
  18. Honey Bear

    Inside working engine photography

    me likes :D
  19. Honey Bear

    300E-24 Duchatelet

    Mercedes 300E-24 with Duchatelet Body Kit on eBay (end time 22-Aug-10 17:15:14 BST)
  20. Honey Bear

    This is stunning!

    Amazing. I live for cars like this one.
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