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    w202 wiper blade getting "sticky"

    Update: turned out it was the motor that went wrong but Shude... the cheapest?! in total it cost me a staggering 470 odd quid (thats including labour and the price of an apparently new motor, VAT etc.) but now I've got another problem. Since having the new motor installed, the wiper doesnt...
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    The Turbo Thread.

    koolvin, how much did all of this cost you to do? i've got a C180 and this looks fantastic :D
  3. J

    w202 wiper blade getting "sticky"

    thanks a lot :) now i gotta look for some grease. definately seems to be related to that problem!
  4. J

    Howto: Lubricate the windscreen wiper mechanism

    can i ask how long it took you guys to do? im going to have to find some grease now o.0
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    w202 wiper blade getting "sticky"

    hey all sorry i havent been on in a while, i've recently started having a few problems with my wiper blade starting to get "stiff" in the middle third of the windscreen. i thought at first it might be the actual wiper blade itself but now on looking at that i'm thinking it's the actual arm of...
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    Anone know of any reasonably priced Insurance companies for learners ?

    i went to AA for a quote after i'd lost my licence and just repassed the test... they actually laughde down the phone before apologising that he couldnt do any better. 4638 quid for a Pug 206 1.1i :( what a joke!
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    Brabus sv12 r

    i'll put one on order now for my retirement then... in 40 years time!
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    Will these fit my W202?

    i think they come with nuts :)
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    Will these fit my W202?

    just wondering if these will fit my C180. Inovit Volution 18" - Mercedes-Benz C-Class / I didnt really know what the offset was on them!
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    2700 miles around Europe in the C32

    my girlfriend got me into doing that... when i finally got round to buying some glasses :) i think a lot of young drivers (myself included) are always too worried about what is happening to the immediate vicinity and not about what is coming up. by looking ahead a lot more i learnt i could read...
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    Foot brake and a driver used to manual

    i've nearly pressed the "Clutch/E-brake" pedal a few times in panic. whats more I've also tried moving the Transmission before realising it felt funny in my hand :( I kinda miss manuals but at the same time i've found loads of relaxing benefits from auto :)
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    Anone know of any reasonably priced Insurance companies for learners ?

    Check out Adrian Flux. apparently they specialise in Young Drivers and sports cars. Might be what you're looking for. My insurance for my Mk4 Golf was 1200 third party *cries* Otherwise Kwik Fit are normally pretty good!
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    DMS Automotive - BHP upgrade

    would anything like the Brabus Control Unit work on a W202 C180? or is it worthless without a Supercharger or diesel equivalent? (what DOES the C in CDI stand for anyways?)
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    Thinking of Sub & Amp combo's...

    thanks for that. i might connect it back up again and have a little play around with it. if i'm still stuck i may take photos and contemplate why i'm stuck. with the seat belt mounts, how do you connect the earth wire to them? this wire i have has a hole for a screw, but im thinking if the...
  15. J

    New BMW 'Joy' advert

    sounds very cool. i'd be interested in that. love old cars, but never been able to understand all the different names for them like my dad did (but he's ancient enough to have been around with the dinosaurs)
  16. J

    Opinions on this phone deal

    now if you could only get some signal you'd be writing that on your phone ;) just kidding of course :ban:
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    New BMW 'Joy' advert

    +1 smart advert showing where they have come from and where they are going :) now... if only Mercedes could top that!
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    Thinking of Sub & Amp combo's...

    soundproofed? how? i've got a sub and amp lying around which i'm dying to put into my W202 but need to know where the best place to put the earth is in your opinion? I thought about drilling a hole into my Pug 206 but never got round to doing it :)
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    HOWTO: Comand in a w202 (long and lots of pics)

    i like the term, old but still useable :)
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