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  1. bigjim

    Saab 9-5 2.2 TID VECTOR 5DR AUTO

    Anyone with any experience of these? I'm looking for a daily runner which has a bit of space and can tow loads to the tip (general domestic waste). Preferably under 2k. The one I'm interested in is 2004 with 147k on the clock. Cooments welcome.
  2. bigjim

    E55K 2003 75k (£11250)

    Genuine AMG V8 Kompressor, Tansanite Blue with Anth/Blue leather, Black Ash trim. Car is in Bristol (BS35) Contact me either PM or email if you are interested. Spec. Command Sat Nav DVD TV, Dynamic Electric Heated+Cooled Sports Orthopedic Seats, Tiptronic: Paddle Shift Style Gearchange...
  3. bigjim

    Another W211 NTG1 AUX question.

    Sorry for another question about this topic. I've been round the houses on this one....intially because I foolishly thought I had an NTG2 system. Now I realise I have an NTG1 system :doh: Anyway, I've found this: Comand Online Ltd :: Mercedes SatNav/COMAND :: COMAND Retrofit parts :: W211 last...
  4. bigjim

    Life of W211 E55 Sparkplugs

    How long will the spark plugs last on an E55 please? I've read 100,000miles - is that correct?
  5. bigjim

    W124 pre-facelift roof bars

    Hi Guys I'm seeling my old W124 roof bars that came off of my 1991 300TD. Please check out my auction, if you are interested. Thanks Jim Ebay link: eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  6. bigjim

    W211 Climate Control - constantly blowing cold

    Hi Any suggestions as to why the climate control in my E55 is permanently chucking out cold air even when I select Hi on the control? Thanks in advance Jim :thumb:
  7. bigjim

    Moving my SKY Dish

    I'm about to attempt to move my SKY dish from the front of my house to the side. Has anyone got any experience of doing this? Any pitfalls, things to look out for? Any advice appreciated. At the end of the day if it goes pear shaped I'll just call out an engineer but I'd like to at least...
  8. bigjim

    Talking Animals

    This made me laugh YouTube - Canal de klaatu42
  9. bigjim

    Spot the quote I didn't go for.....

  10. bigjim

    Distronic - Radar Cover on Grille

    Mine is chipped and although you can hardly notice it, I know its there!:wallbash: Can you replace it (just the plastic bit that protects the radar head from stones/flies etc.) or do I have to purchase a whole new grille? TIA Jim
  11. bigjim

    Hydrogen Hybrids

    Anybody got experience of these guys? de Verde Technologies Limited - Home Looks interesting: Example from the site: Jaguar S Type 4 Litre V8 from 19mpg to 30mpg (local) 26-42 ( Motorway) - 4 Pegasus 700 Cells
  12. bigjim

    15" Mercedes 8 Hole Alloys

    My ebay auction for anyone whose interested: 4 x Mercedes 15" 8 hole Alloy Wheels (W/S202 W/S210) on eBay (end time 30-Mar-11 19:03:43 BST) Set of four alloy wheels 5x112 6.5x15" ET37 with Mercedes centre caps. I bought these alloys a few years ago to fit to a old E-Class. They are good to...
  13. bigjim

    W211 - Brakes

    Can any garage change the brakes on my car or does it have to be a Merc Specialist? Thanks Jim
  14. bigjim


    Anybody here trade? My PF has taken a bashing over the last six months, I sold up and reinvested....some high risk, some dead certs (:doh:) I currently hold: OTC - a complete punt WET - very risky but potnetially massive gains - waiting for SA to make a decision on Acid Mine Drainage RRL -...
  15. bigjim

    Employment Relocation Rights

    My Wife's company is relocating. She already commutes 60minutes to get to their current offices. The move would double her journey time. There are obviously several different options for her to consider, including getting a different job. In her negotiations with HR she has cited a 4 hour...
  16. bigjim

    Log burner

    Our log burner is more like a furnace rather than a log burner - it gets through logs in about forty minutes. We stayed in a cottage over the Christmas break and the log burner in there took about four hours to gently burn through some logs! Do I need a new burner or am I doing something wrong!?!
  17. bigjim

    W211 E55 Brake Discs/Pads

    Has anyone tried any aftermarket brakes? I wondered how they compared to the genuine AMG part. Should I stick with genuine MB or try something else. Car gets used daily; fast road and never gets used on a track. Thanks in advance Jim
  18. bigjim

    Effortless Driving

    Hi I've had my E-class since June. In that time I've covered nearly 12,000miles and (apart from a blow out on the M3 ;)) it has been a complete joy to own and drive. Sometimes I forget how great these cars are. Big Jim
  19. bigjim

    Keyless go battery life?

    How long does the battery usually last in the keyfob? I bought the car in May 2010 and put fresh batteries in the fob. Last couple of days the key isn't recognised and then eventually works after several tries. Is four months about right for the life of the batteries? The car gets used...
  20. bigjim

    Car was sat on the drive looking mean... I took some pics and had a play :rock:
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