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    Password Problem

    I went to sign into BBC I Player and when I put in the password, I got a message ' Your password has been in a data breach'. Is there any way of finding what has happened? Just before this occurred, most of the desktop icons went blank. I take it the 2 issues are not related. I am on Windows 8.1...
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    Car Insurance

    I recently had to renew the insurance on my wife's car. For once I decided to look at the small print. In among it was a clause ' There will be no insurance if the driver is over drink drive limit '. I assume there is still thrid party cover. It is the first time I have seen a drink drive...
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    Any Old Coin Experts Here?

    A friend has been offered a 1745 George 111 Lima Guinea in quite good condition. The ? is- does the fact it has Lima stamped on it add to the value? There are guineas around the same age without the Lima thing and they appear to be worth less, for some reason.
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    Central Heating Programmer

    I am looking a central heating programmer for an oil fired system (on behalf of an elderly person) The type I seek is the old fashioned type with push in/out tappets ie non digital. If anyone knows of any company making/supplying such items, any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    No Claims Bonus

    I am maybe about to ask a silly question, I hope not. If you do not have Protected No Claims Bonus and there is a claim, do you automatically lose all your No Claims Bonus? I am thinking of a situation where a person has 20+ years of no claims. In other words, is protecting your no claims bonus...
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    Selling Shares

    I have small share holdings in about 9 different companies. On checking their value recently, I was rather shocked as to their low value. This is despite always re-investing any dividends. I have decided to sell them. I am wondering what is the best, cheapest way of selling them. Any advice...
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    Am I odd or have I seen the light?

    Fot those of you who spend hours waxing and polishing their cars , now is the time to look away. You see, I used to be one of those who did exactly that. I spent a fortune on the latest products believing all the sales blurb. In more recent years, I have merely washed the car using a decent...
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    I am sure like me you have had to complain about bad service from BT and Openreach. Anyhow on Monday morning I phoned BT to report a leaning telephone pole and wires almost touching the ground. 1.5 hours later an engineer called with me and assessed the situation. He said he was unable to fix...
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    Leather Belt

    Recently my old leather belt which had given many years of faithful service eventually broke. It was like losing an old friend, Anyway I went on fleabay and bought a 'genuine leather belt'. It lasted a fortnight -it was made on bonded leather-not mentioned in the ad. So I started a search for a...
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    Men's Leather Belts

    Recently my old leather belt which had given many years of faithful service eventually broke. It was like losing an old friend, Anyway I went on fleabay and bought a 'genuine leather belt'. It lasted a fortnight -it was made on bonded leather-not mentioned in the ad. So I started a search for a...
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    Does anyone here use for emailing? When I go to open my mail on it, up pops a message about cookies. Each time you have to click on it to get to your email. Is there any way of getting rid of this? I find it quite annoying.
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    Apple Imac Problem

    I have an Apple Imac which has Windows 8 installed. It will not allow me to input the password. I have tried Command-option-p-r, Command -R, option,Command, P & R but nothing happens. I have tried disconnecting pc and restarting, but again nothing happens. Any advice or suggestions (short of...
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    Retaining a Reg No

    I have a vehicle which is currently on a SORN. I have someone wanting to buy it but I want to retain the Reg No (ie have it put on a retention certificate) Does anyone know if this is possible given the current circunstances?
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    Change of Internet Provider

    Within the next couple of weeks, I plan to change internet provider, something I have never done before. Is it a seamless process or can I expect a delay for a change over to take place? I am currently with BT which is ok-ish but is more expensive than others. What has really annoyed me is BT...
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    House Insurance

    My house insurance is soon due for renewal. I am shopping around and went to the site. As I went through the application process, up came a message saying- 'We don't insure houses with oil fired central heating' What? That effectively rules out the majority of privately owned houses in...
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    Having recently been house-bound, I have been watching a lot more television than usual. I have amazed at the amount and nature of the adverts for ladies perfumes. But what really takes the biscuit is the Renault Clio advert. Does Renault actually think that lesbianism will result in greater...
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    Strange Noises

    This is not MB related but any help would be appreciated. It concerns my wife's Ford Fiesta. While it is sitting, it makes noises akin to hot engine cooling down, except the car has been sitting unused for a few days. I would understand it if it made the noise after it had been raced, but no...
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    Today's Society

    There was an accident outside my son's house. A Mercedes with 4 occupants stopped because a worker was moving a road sign. A van came up at speed and hit a car which was sitting behind the Mercedes. The car containing a woman and a small child was pushed through a hedge. En route it glanced off...
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    Possible Long Shot

    Are there any members of the club near Raveningham, Norwich? I need a favour. Thanks
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    12v Battery Charger

    Can anyone recommend a good quality 12v Battery Charger capable of charging at 10 amps or more? Don't mention CTEK-the last one I bought lasted 14 months and the factory were looking more than the purchase price to repair it. I bought a Noco Genious -it wouldn't charge up fully. My friend bought...
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