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    W205 C63 Cupholder cover won't stay closed

    Hi all I've had a mask stored in the cupholder area in my W205 C63. It got stuck on something at the weekend and when I got it free, this part fell out and now the lid won't stay shut. I suspect that this is the longest of long shots, but has anyone got a diagram of the parts in question so I...
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    Auxiliary battery malfunction

    Hi, I've got the above warning showing in my '16 plate C63. When I started the car this morning, the warning was in red, but after driving for a short while it went to white. Oddly, the stop start function is working fine and the car is running perfectly. Does the warning appear if the Aux...
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    W205 C63 - M0 or not M0...?

    Hi All, I recently had my car serviced at my local MB dealership and (what a surprise) I need new rear tyres. They offered me non M0 tyres which would have been different to the fronts which still have reasonable tread, so I declined, thinking I would be able to find replacements online...
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    Overheating?? W205 C63

    Morning all, While driving on Saturday, I noticed that the temperature of the transmission oil hit 102 degrees. The red line looks to be around 130 degrees but this seems high - is this anything to be concerned about? The water temperature always looks high (3 bars from the end) but I've heard...
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    Anyone on here got any experience of these? Performance chips – Chip tuning by RaceChip for MB C-Class (W/S205) C 63 AMG (350KW) | RaceChip Looks like it's a very simple plug and play (literally) and also has a warranty against engine problems. Sounds too good to be true, and you know what...
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    Rear brake pads C63 W205

    I took my car to my local Mercedes dealer yesterday under my new service plan (previous thread). They advised that rear brake pads will be required withing the next couple of months, at a cost of £460 :( Looking on Eurocarparts, they look to be in the region of £90 after discount (Brembo) and I...
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    service plans - worth the money?

    Hi all, I've just been quoted £46 a month for a service plan for my 2016 C63. I've had a look on the Mercedes site and it suggests that this covers everything - parts and labour, but somewhere else I read that it was only service parts. What do people on here think about the value of service...
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    Litchfield C63

    I can't imagine many people would want (or need) another 100 bhp on top of standard, but just in case .... C63 AMG (205) | Litchfield Motors I'd be interested to hear what people think?
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    Sat Nav voice ..

    Hi all, Is it possible to turn the sat nav "voice" off completely? I've had a look online and can't find a way to do it. It's driving me mad!!
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    Looking to buy a W205 C63 - advice needed

    Hi all, I currently have a BMW M135 as my daily drive and a Porsche 997 Turbo as a weekend car. The BMW has been great, given that until recently I've done a relatively high mileage and it offered fun at a reasonable cost. My circumstances have changed and I no longer need a practical daily...
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    Possible purchase C63 AMG

    Hi all, I hope that I've posted this in the right place... I'm thinking of buying a C63 AMG to replace my daily driver, a BMW 135M. My circumstances have changed and I suspect that my annual mileage will drop to something around 10,000 p.a. I'd love to hear from people who have one and to...
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