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    W124 sunroof repair

    I have a "sticky" sunroof (it moves very reluctantly) and finally bit the bullet and removed the sunroof liner & lid, side rail guides, water shield and the arms that slide/lift the sunroof, and given it all a good clean with isopropyl alcohol (some previous owner had used normal grease and it...
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    Removing headliner from sliding sunroof ('93 W124 coupe)

    I'm attempting to remove the headliner from the underside of the sunroof. So far, I've found two guides: but for the life of me I can't see how the clips come undone. The liner is stiff steel; even if I pull down hard on the front edge as instructed, nothing happens. I've tried putting a...
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    '93 320CE coupe (C124): getting access to rear roof under headliner

    I'd like to have a peak at the underside of the roof just in front of the rear windshield; is it possible to gain access to this area without having to entirely remove the headliner? ie, remove the trim from the rear pillars, and somehow just "peel" the headliner back a bit from the rear?
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    Roof antenna for E320 Coupe (C124)

    Hello! I've got a 1993 E320 Coupe and would dearly like to fit a DAB/FM bee-sting antenna to the roof. Without removing the headliner, a bit of a poke with my finger suggests I could either mount it to the rear of the interior light, or - maybe! - just in front of it, which I would prefer. But...
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    W124 S/E transmission switch slider

    Hello, My Standard/Economy switch wasn't doing anything in my W124 E320, so I pulled apart the centre console to get at it. Unfortunately, while doing so, I didn't really pay attention to how the slider/knob attached to the switch :fail. After fixing the switch (with liberal applications of...
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    W124 E320 Coupe or 500/560 SEC ?

    Hello! I'm torn between buying a 320E coupe (w124), or an older 500 or 560 SEC. I'd be interested to hear forum member's opinions on which car is ... 'better' TIA, Jim
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