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    C32, 203 cd multi charger or Dension unit

    Wanted in working order please. Mine is fibre optic. What have you got laying around gathering dust🤔
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    A207 inside door handle

    Thankfully it was only the clip for the handle. Clip rotated and refitted. Now all good.
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    A207 inside door handle

    Does anyone have a source for these? Mercedes want to sell the whole door card😱 I've seen 204 ones on Ebay etc but not sure they fit. TIA
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    Can Android Auto now be activated i hear?

    I have a 2016 CLS with HK. Apple CarPlay is already on board. I asked MB 18 months ago if they could activate Android auto, they said it can't be done. Since heard rumours that it can be done. Anyone had it activated or done it DIY style from Ebay?
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    C207 how can aux be turned on from eng menu?

    Many thanks but mine is NTG 4.0 and the menu is not like the 4.5 in the video. Much appreciated 👍
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    C207 how can aux be turned on from eng menu?

    Anyone now how to turn on the aux? Radio says it has aux but no connector. I need it turned on for an aftermarket android audio unit
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    WANTED! C32 AMG 65mm small supercharger pulley

    The map is rather hard to get now sadly. Acid still does them. I have a pulley on my c32 so you would need to buy the car😜😂😂😂 Good luck in your search👍
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    CLS 350 Shooting Brake Premium Plus

    I have a silver one if your interested in that colour?
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    CLS350d Shooting Brake Premium Plus 2016

    Mileage is now 27k This car is very rare being the Premium Plus model. Still real leather like a Mercedes should be. Bargain at £22k Still over £24k for the only other one on Autotrader. Superb ride quality and that engine is amazing. Serviced in March by Alex Crow. Mot was also done in...
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    W212 Suspension.

    Is it the sport model?
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    C32 H&R front anti roll bar bushes

    Very long shot I know. Just seeing if anyone has the poly bushes for the H&R front anti roll bar for sale. Can't seem to get them at the moment 😔
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    Mercedes HFP Bluetooth cradle B67875877

    As above boxed with instructions. Not sure what they are worth anymore? £120?
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    C32 front H&R anti roll bar

    They got Europarts to contact me via email. Told them what I needed......... never heard from again 😳🙄
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    C32 front H&R anti roll bar

    Still no replies. I'm guessing it may be due to lockdown. Desperate for these bushes
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    Mercedes 211-faulty airmatic compressor

    Try the old compressor again, just to see if it fires up or not. Could be a faulty new compressor as most are reconditioned units.
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    C32 front H&R anti roll bar

    Mine is the 12mm one. No reply from H&R from the above email thus far.
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    H&R technical email address?

    After the above please. Can't seem to find on the internet?
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    C32 front H&R anti roll bar

    Rubber gaitors only attach to original ones. Ptfe is instead of grease, lasts longer
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    C32 front H&R anti roll bar

    That's what I'm after..... trying to get the email address for them.... No luck on line yet
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    C32 front H&R anti roll bar

    It's only ptfe as lasts longer than grease.
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