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    S212 vibration low revs crankshaft

    Hi, I am in between mercs. My 190e head gasket case is parked up and i am very tired of the rental renault captur. I have been trying to get an S212 (2011-2012) , the E250 high spec 204bhp variety. I found one and it ticks all boxes bar one. The SH is there, seems comprehensive. Timing chain and...
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    Sl320 ABS light c1000 and c1332 sl320

    Hello. I haven t been around for ages. Two babies and an off the road roadster for the last couple of years. It is a 1999 sl320 wdb1290642f177672 m112943 auto 722.6 The car is garaged but only gets a few runs a year. It has a new correct battery and is connected to a ctek5.0 trickle charger...
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    1999 r129 gear recognition switch

    Hell o, I have a 1999 r129 sl320 with a 722.6 gearbox. The reverse lights' fuse and bulbs are fine. The car does reverse but I need to * 'twiddle' the selector to get the reverse lights to come on. I have learned this might indicate a bad gear recognition switch under the gear shifter part...
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    r129 roof front seal peel and re-seal?

    Hi, I recently acquired a panoramic roof. The front seal is not attached correctly (45 in diagram) and I want to re attach it - is there a diy available for this? I have WIS/ASRA which has various diys but not for this front seal I don't think. I have been searching the internet for a while...
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    r129 original xenon lens info please?

    Hi, Someone who has correct original xenon headlamps on their sl for driving on the left (UK). I need all the markings including numbers, letters and arrows from the front of your xenon lenses so that I can compare with a second hand pair I am thnking of buying so that I can avoid buying the...
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    I'm looking for R129 pano black interior

    Hi, I'm looking for R129 panoramic roof with black interior for my 1999 car. Exterior colour ideally Obsidan black but not essential. Thanks, D.
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    Part numbers xenon lenses r129?

    Hi, I am changing my headlights from original halogen to the Mercedes xenon. The headlamp units I am thinking of getting need new lenses. Does anyone have part numbers for a pair Right Hand Drive Xenon lenses? What does it entail changing just the lenses? How do they come - just as the glass...
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    drivers door glass off centre '99sl320

    Hi,:) Interior card off for ages - new merc window regulator and inserted new clips inside the jaws - , the motor is re-taped properly. At this stage I think I know the door mechanisms quite well but obviously not well enough...... Window at Bottom resting position - push window 'up' switch -...
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    1994-1997 ipod lead- is it good?

    All or anyone who used this product- does it work well? 1994-1997 MERCEDES SL320 AUX INPUT iPOD/MP3/ZEN/SHUFFLE - eBay (item 160241716172 end time Jan-02-11 15:28:53 PST) Thank you Darragh
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    sl stereo system sl320 1999-who knows it?

    Hi, thanks for your patience- sl320 129064 2F 177 672 810 is the stereo system number as per my cars data sheet. This is the speaker system my 1999 sl320 should have based on my phonecalls to MB and Bose...
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    Who knows my stereo system 1999sl320

    HI Who is the car stereo guru who knows my model 1999 sl320 that I may harass him or her with my annoying questions? The car has Bose door woofer/tweeter and dash tweeters that dont work It has a seimens amp and a JVC head unit. Speakers have been crackily at high volumes but...
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    rough idle/oil light on -linked? worried

    Vehicle: SL320 1999 WDB 129064 2F 177672 7 ENGINE 112943 30 333401 GEARBOX- 722607 0 1207121 Ireland Hi, My car was serviced 6400miles ago (oil service due in 3600 miles). Today my oil light came on - I pulled into a petrol station and checked the level - nearly empty - topped it up by 1L of...
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    do i have an amp? r129

    I have 129064..mercedes sl320 1999 It has back seats. The stereo system has Bose 1ohm 16.5 cm and 7cm speakers in the doors and two little speakers above the aircon vents on either side of the dash. Do I have an amp - where is it? Thanks, Darragh. an unoriginal head unit(JVC)
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    where stereo amp? console switch led?

    Two questions please- 1999 sl320 129064 1. Where exactly is my stereo amp? 2. What type of original led or bulb goes into my centr console wing mirror select/adjust switch as I don't want a new 'ultra bright' led out shining the other switches? Thank you, Darragh.
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    woofer going on and off sl320 1999-why? My car - WDB129064... sl320 1999 As per photo - I have a large speaker (woofer?) at the bottom of the doors and a small (tweeter I presume) up by the door handles and also a tiny speaker of some sort...
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    softtop cylinder rebuild uk?

    HI, I know of someone who rebuilds the soft top hydraulic cylinders for the 129 better than new according to what I read on Benzworld forum, but he is in America. Is there a similar service somewhere in the U.K.? Regards thanks DARragh WDB129064...1999 SL320
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    my car - sl320 R1290642F177672 Gearbox 722.6 Engine M112943 I have a constant rough idle whether in P, R or N with a bit of surging when aircon is on or steering wheel in motion, i get a light massage felt through my seat when stopped in traffic - i am very sick of it work that has been done -...
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    workshop cds sl320 1999???

    hi, my car- SL320 1999 WDB 129064 2F 177672 7 ENGINE 112943 30 333401 GEARBOX- 722607 0 1207121 i did buy cheap workshop cds for my car but they don't run on vista on my dell laptop and are way too complicated for me to put onto non vista and i don't have the patience. I don't want to...
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