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    S212 vibration low revs crankshaft

    Hi, I am in between mercs. My 190e head gasket case is parked up and i am very tired of the rental renault captur. I have been trying to get an S212 (2011-2012) , the E250 high spec 204bhp variety. I found one and it ticks all boxes bar one. The SH is there, seems comprehensive. Timing chain and...
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    Sl320 ABS light c1000 and c1332 sl320

    Hello. I haven t been around for ages. Two babies and an off the road roadster for the last couple of years. It is a 1999 sl320 wdb1290642f177672 m112943 auto 722.6 The car is garaged but only gets a few runs a year. It has a new correct battery and is connected to a ctek5.0 trickle charger...
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    1999 r129 gear recognition switch

    Hell o, I have a 1999 r129 sl320 with a 722.6 gearbox. The reverse lights' fuse and bulbs are fine. The car does reverse but I need to * 'twiddle' the selector to get the reverse lights to come on. I have learned this might indicate a bad gear recognition switch under the gear shifter part...
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    r129 roof front seal peel and re-seal?

    Good point, thanks.
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    r129 roof front seal peel and re-seal?

    Ok thank you for getting back.
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    r129 roof front seal peel and re-seal?

    The roof gap adjustment - is that the adjustment of the front locking pins forward and back as detailed in the WIS instructions? Also - I am replacing the garnish chrome moulding at the very front of the pano roof also , so if you had any more details on dismantling the front part I would be...
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    r129 roof front seal peel and re-seal?

    This is my Summer project so I will be DIY-ing this one - with the forum's help of course. Thanks for the reply.
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    r129 roof front seal peel and re-seal?

    Hi, I recently acquired a panoramic roof. The front seal is not attached correctly (45 in diagram) and I want to re attach it - is there a diy available for this? I have WIS/ASRA which has various diys but not for this front seal I don't think. I have been searching the internet for a while...
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    r129 original xenon lens info please?

    Hi, Someone who has correct original xenon headlamps on their sl for driving on the left (UK). I need all the markings including numbers, letters and arrows from the front of your xenon lenses so that I can compare with a second hand pair I am thnking of buying so that I can avoid buying the...
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    I'm looking for R129 pano black interior

    Hi, I'm looking for R129 panoramic roof with black interior for my 1999 car. Exterior colour ideally Obsidan black but not essential. Thanks, D.
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    R129 300SL boot lid gas struts

    Hi, mine is 1999 sl320 and the two struts are designed to hold the boot lid up an inch or two when it is opened via the fob or the button at the back of the car. It is up to the driver to lift the boot lid and then it should stay propped in the fully extended position until it gets a little push...
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    Part numbers xenon lenses r129?

    Hi, I am changing my headlights from original halogen to the Mercedes xenon. The headlamp units I am thinking of getting need new lenses. Does anyone have part numbers for a pair Right Hand Drive Xenon lenses? What does it entail changing just the lenses? How do they come - just as the glass...
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    Grober, On that diagram is the oil filter labelled 4 or 5? Check for leaks or what? Much appreciation, Darragh
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    Hi, I will get to the STAR machine soon. The left cat is the colder one but the left bank is more stable. Plugs are correct. O-Rings to which you refer, are they visible without pulling the fuel rail? HT leads checked and correct. Battery disconnect makes nil difference to anything. Thank you ...
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    Reversing on an incline - Problems

    Hi I have a 1999 sl320 My car will roll forward reversing up an incline until I touch the accelerator and the electrical signal tells the gearbox to hold the car from rolling forward. I don't have to keep my foot on it, just tip it with my foot. I have a 722.6 gearbox. Is that any help Darragh
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    Grober that is excellent information which will be used next week when I get the mounts loosened and re-torqued. Thank you. Here are some temperature readings I got from my new infra red pyrometer: Degrees celsius From cold start repeated checking of the temperature with pyrometer pointed at...
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    Hi, I'll get some live data...when I get to my local indie and get back on it. I have had various live data shown to me and the various experts can find nothing wrong eventhough all acknowledge something is wrong. Grober's video shows the way my engine should be. I wish it was. There aren't...
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    Hi, This has not been done. No codes ever show up....I would need more detailed instructions...I wonder are they available? Thank you Darragh ..
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    Hi, One mechanic showed me the exact same symptoms in the same engine which was in another model I forget which. In engine bay it was exactly the same but virtually unnoticeable from inside the car, probably due to the bigger chassis.... Thank you Darragh
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    three years rough idle sl320 r129 v6 m112

    Hi I swear, nothing ever shows up on the star machine...absolutely no codes seriously. I was advised that before and I tried a damn good thrashing but it did not work. thanks though Darragh
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