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    Battery tray "filler'?

    I replaced the battery in my w202 about a year back with a smaller sized one. It provides the correct amps etc but is physically smaller. However I have failed my MOT as the battery is not secure as the tray is too big for it. Is there anything I can buy that will fill and secure it?
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    w202 - which gearbox do I have?

    I have a 1997 w202 c200 facelift. Do I have a 722.5 or a 722.6 gearbox? I ask as I have no gearbox dipstick and I want to buy one to check the level of the gearbox oil.
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    W202 momentary drop in power at the same time every morning!

    I have a c200 W202 (petrol) that seems to refuse to accelerate for about 3-4 seconds every morning after starting from cold. It always happens about 2 minutes after leaving the house. Very weird. Power just drops away and I slow down before it comes back. ECU/gearbox problem? Edit: could low...
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    w202: what part of my suspension is this?

    drivers side. It's driving me nuts at squeaks every time I go over a speed bump:
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    Rubbing noise

    I've noticed when cruising there's a low "whrrrrrr", sounds like it's coming from up front. At lower speeds it sounds repetitive in that its "wuh, wuh, wuh, wuh" and speeds up with the speed of the car. Very weird. Sounds exactly like a rubbing disc. But I changed both front discs and pads...
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    Drying out sound-proofing material

    I posted previously in another thread where the passenger footwell of my car had become flooded after a car wash. That's resolved now. I got the carpet out and it's drying away. However I can't remove some of the sound-proofing material around the very bottom of the footwell in up against...
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    Swimming pool in my passenger footwell after car wash! (W202)

    Just brought the car for a wash. One of those ones that sprays water and wax and a huge hair-dryer when it's all done. Anyway, sparkly car at the end of it but there must have been a few litres of water in the footwell on the passenger side when it was done. I could see it dripping down from...
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    w202 ECU question

    I have a 1997 c200 w202. No problems at the moment, *touch wood*! But I read that they can give issues with ECUs. What exactly is a PMS unit and how do I know if my car has one? What happens if I get ECU issues? Is it plug and play replacement?
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    Does the warning light on the dash about the bulbs just relate to the headlights?

    I have the orange warning light on the dash that indicates that one of my bulbs is gone. However they all seem to be working Does this light just relate to the headlights?
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    Trying to source some parts

    I need the following: Electric seat control unit: 0025422219 And AMG Climate Control Vacuum Switchover Valve: 2028000378 I'm based in Ireland and would prefer to order the parts from the UK or mainland Europre rather than the US. Can anyone direct me to a good source for...
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    IR working but no RF. Antenna amplifier problem?

    I'm having a problem where the fob to open the car seems to have very poor range. I need to point it directly into the car. This would indicate the IR is working but not the RF. (I have a smart key that allows RF and IR control). I located the antenna amp. It seems to be getting 12v...
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    W202 alarm replacement options

    I have a C180 W202. 2 problems: 1. I only have 1 key fob 2. The range on the fob is poor and I need to point it directly into the car from less than 5 for it to work. (I've tried replacing the batteries). So what are my options in terms of replacing the alarm (or at least the central...
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