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    OM642.830 Loud Knocking Then Fine ???

    I have a 2010 c350 cdi with 0m642.830 engine, i have had a light tapping noise for around 6 months now and recently dpf issues and intermittent smoking after idle Today i got a code saying its trying to Regen the dpf too often so cleared the code and took it for a run to regen and blow it...
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    NTG5s1 Retrofit and Dashboard Facelift to Pre-Facelift W204

    I had been planning my dashboard facelift for a little while but though while i was at it i would drop in a ntg5s1. The dash was surprisingly easy and i have zero creaks or squeaks, the only issues i have is i need to repin the wiring for the hazard switch and source a new glove box as it is...
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    W204 Radiator Fan Woes (Cannot Fix It)

    I am hoping someone can help me here, i have a issue with the Aux fan on my 2010 W204 350cdi. The fan comes on randomly when the ignition is off and drains the battery overnight. If i leave my keys in and the ignition on its fine it seems to occur when the can bus goes to sleep. So far i have...
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    W204 OM642 Poly V Belt Change Query

    A quick question to those in the know. As part of the issues i have recently had with my car there is a ticking i have noticed, this seemed to reduce when i re-sealed my injector so i don't think its anything catastrophic but i am just double checking a few bits one of them being remove and...
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    W204 350CDI Dead, Advice Please

    Hi All, If anyone can give me a little insight into what may be wrong with my car that would be fantastic. I have a 2010 W204 C350CDI Yesterday on my way home it just cut out and I had to coast to a stop. Upon trying to start it again the ignition would light up but not crank, I was...
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    W204 c350 cdi H&R super sport springs

    I am selling my super sport springs, after running them for 3 months I think the stance is a bit low for my preference. I am going to go with normal h&r sport or eibach pro instead. No issues with them in anyway, ride quality is not far off oem. They come boxed in original packaging. £170...
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    W204 Knock From Nearside Front, Cannot Be Found!!! 2010 C350

    Hopefully this is the last issue i need to ask advice for on my car, thank you to all in advance for all the help and advice i have had over the last few weeks. I have had a dull knock on my nearside front for a while now, it only happens at lower speed on bad road surfaces or when you come...
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    When is Low too Low !!??

    I am trying to decide if my car is just a bit too low, it has H&R super sport springs, originally that was fine but i recently added Koni Sport Dampers and Original Mercedes 5mm rear spring pads. I cant help feeling its a little bit too low now, the front seems fine but the rear just looks a...
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    More Retrofits to my Pre-Facelift W204, colour cluster, SLA

    Some may remember i retrofitted NTG4.7 to my 2010 W204 Ntg4.7 retrofit into Pre-facelift W204: Completed I have recently been at it again and fit the following. Full colour cluster from a W212 2014, i made this Virgin from the eeprom dump then ran the initial startup with SD, this married...
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    W204 Hot braking vibration and shuddering (Advice please)

    I am experiencing a shuddering and Vibration when braking, but seems to be only only when my brakes are hot. And a slight knock on the nearside front. My first port of call was to replace the control arms, i have done both front upper and lower arms on both sides of the car, this has...
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    W204 Comand and W207 parts

    I am selling off my old comand. Unit only, it has 16/17 maps and the latest firmware. Looking for £210 posted
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    Ntg4.7 retrofit into Pre-facelift W204: Completed

    I have just finished my retrofit of a Ntg4.7 into my W204. To do this was a lot of work, I obtained the correct display adapter to keep the original flip screen and modified faceplate to allow the comand to fit the dash. Quite a bit of rewiring was also required for the CAN connection...
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    NTG4.5 Comand Data Connection

    I am sure this has been covered but i cant seem to find any information on this. I cannot get my Android phone to share its internet connection. I have a galaxy note 8 and tried BlueDun but when it starts the connection BlueDun service shuts down and i get no connection. The comand unit...
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    Comand NTG4.5 LVDS (Display) Cable

    All, I am looking for a LVDS cable for a Comand 4.5, the cable will have one grey and one blue end, if anyone has one laid around that would be great. Many Thanks
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    C63 suspension retrofit query

    Just a quick question, will the c63 suspension bolt straight into a 350cdi amg sport? I have been offered a full set of shocks and springs at a good price. I appreciate geometry will need sorting but will they physically bolt straight in without significant modification? Thanks in advance.
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    W204 Front Strut Mounts Advice

    Another question to those who are far more knowledgeable than me, if i may please. I have a knocking on the front of my car that is either down to the front struts or the mounts, I will start with changing the mounts to see if it cures it if i have to go for struts i may just jump for...
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    Brake Calliper Query

    I have been looking at upgrading my callipers on my W204 350cdi, the c63 option is quite expensive but is probably gold standard. I have seen there is a mid range caliper on the W205, not the full monty C63 but a much better looking caliper than I have. My question is do you think these will...
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    Looking for Part Number or Technical Name W204 350cdi

    I am trying to discover the Technical name and part number for the cover that sits above the grille under the bonnet, this is the part the air intake scoops attach too and sits above the grille in front of the engine cover that also attaches to it via a flexi joint, the bonnet release cable...
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    MY2010 C350 CDI Inconsistent Acceleration, is MAF Cleaning Possible?

    Hello All, A quick query to see if its possible to clean the MAF's on a C350CDI, i know they are fixed to the intake and cost around £500 to replace. My reasoning behind this is my acceleration seems to pull really well at times and you get that gut feeling of the torque then it doesn't seem...
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    W204 Footwell lighting

    Firstly apologies if this has been asked previously, I can’t find much specific. Is there any method of adjusting the footwell lighting brightness on my MY2010 C350 I can’t find anything in the settings how to do this, even a golf I had on a 11 plate has this option, but not on my Merc I am...
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