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    C350 SE coupe 2006 .. are they any good?

    I am thinking about buying one of these and wondered if I should? Are they fun to drive? Any real world experience would be appreciated. Also, a reminder ... is there somewhere on the web you can put chassis number in and get a factory spec? Many thanks!
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    Possibly for sale Audi S8 or swap

    Morning All, I am thinking about maybe selling my 2001 Audi S8 or preferably swapping it for something else on my bucket list or interesting. It's met blue, with beige leather, sunroof and usual spec. Has most things as standard inc sat nav, heated leather, alcantara door trims, tiptronic...
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    Lovely mx5

    This is a mates car and a good friend of his from new. He is a real enthusiast and cannot recommend the car high enough. Ltd edition too. Mazda MX-5 2.0 SE Limited Edition 2dr
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    Nice 500 sec

    I like this ... Mercedes sec500 Imola Brown | eBay
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    This is something ...

    Not sure where to start ..
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    Unusual Designo CLK

    Granted it's rusty but an interesting spec ... My type of thing.
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    190 with a name ..

    Not something you see every day ..
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    Evo lishious ... This is one tasty motor

    Tastier than a big bag of tasty things ...
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    1993 AMG S class 6.0

    Not something you see every day. Not sure if good price or not but thought worth sharing.
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    Tidy 190

    Tidy thing ... Lots going for it.
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    Black leather Recaro CSE's

    Mmm ....
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    Rare w124

    Yum .. Needs a bit of love but great colour combo?
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    Not eBay but really nice mats

    These look fantastic .. Some kind of kickstart business. Opening deal price seems great. Not checked if RHD .. AutoPreme Premium
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    A BMW tragedy ...

    What a shame ...
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    First UK Merc Cosworth press car

    Interesting ...
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    This is quite nice ... SL55 'replica'

    I like this ... Take off the fake badges and I would own it.
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    Wanted full history nice cars

    Hi all, To fuel my passion for as many cars in my life as possible I have started trading in cars as a hobby. Cash waiting for cars on my bucket list. (Which is wide and varied!) Will buy at trade money. Ideally Wiltshire/Somerset area unless something special. Can only fund a few at...
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    Buying a car .. It's hard work!

    The last couple of weeks I have been looking for an older (2004-2005 ish) high spec estate or possibly a large saloon and so far it has proved really hard work. Of the roughly 12 'dealers' I have contacted in the last 10 days only 2 have bothered to respond to me. One I pretty much committed...
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    Anyone have a BCA log on?

    Hi All, I can't seem to get a log on to bid on cars online at BCA Seems restrictive and somewhat pointless costing them extra sales. Nevertheless I wondered if someone could check if any nice 2003-2006 BMW 535d, 540 or 550 tourings with high specs due to go through any of the centres...
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    No more dipsticks...

    Mercedes sec auto v8 rare carat duchalet/zender spec 500 cl se sel sl project ce With the link this time ...
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