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  1. Benplym

    Selling A Car on Ebay

    That's seems a very fair price, auto trader might be a better bet. I've had my ml up on auto trader, ebay, gumtree, exchange and mart, Piston heads for probably 8 weeks now and had idiots non stop, then it went dead for 2-3 weeks, now 4 different people want the car on the weekend, there's no...
  2. Benplym

    NOT a AMG Audi RS6

    They are crazy, I know of 2 people that have chopped in r8's for these now, one was the v8 and one was the v10, they must be special
  3. Benplym

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Ha, I'm trying to persuade the wife to buy it
  4. Benplym

    Anyone seen any good number plates on cars lately?

    Who's is that? I've not seen it around before
  5. Benplym

    ML 270 advice

    35-39 is a rediculous claim. I had one before I brought an x5 (now have a w164) it is an ancient car with an ancient engine that on a run would scrape 30 and in town never returned more than 20mpg it was notmally around 17 being very careful and calculating not looking at the inaccurate trip...
  6. Benplym

    Grand National

    No idea what I did but I bet accidentally twice on the same horse, total of 6 quid and returned £246. Pretty happy, i just chucked £20 across some horses I liked the names of. I did a similar tactic on the World Cup....... Have no idea about the sport, or gambling...... Clicked loads of random...
  7. Benplym

    What Cant a C63 AMG Beat in a Drag Race? Not sure if this link will work but there are a few s3 vs c63 videos knocking about and the s3 is always on top by a long way, I watched one against an rs3 and its crazy. I would think there was no comparison and the c63 is in another league but...
  8. Benplym

    Someone not happy with their new Audi...

    It seems to be happening already, if I google earth my house, it's from around 5 years ago when I moved in, all my neighbours had ONE car per house and they were all bottom end 7-10 year old, average hatchbacks, if I look out now, there's 2-3 cars per house and at least one per house is no more...
  9. Benplym

    Someone not happy with their new Audi...

    I'm going to steal the quote about living off their pre 2005 reputation, sooooo true it's unbelievable, a friend has just had an estimated bill of 12000 pounds to replace the whole fuel system in his 4.2 diesel q7 due to premature high pressure pump failure, they will contribute 4k as a good...
  10. Benplym

    Wife's Golf R stolen last night - they left my AMG?

    I did this exact thing, had my bike stolen from the garage, I didn't hear a thing, brought 2 Dogue de Bordeaux's ( not purely as guard dogs I may add, there just amazing dogs) excellent deterrent for car thieves/silly wag burglars............ Now however I have the huuuuge problem of dog...
  11. Benplym

    C63 or cla45

    Oh god why did I start this, there's nothing wrong with it at all, I never said there was and I am a firm believer myself in "spending it while you can" life is far to short, but in moderation.
  12. Benplym

    C63 or cla45

    Not at all, It was a rant, I have a very good friend who has devoted his life to business not really enjoyed his youth and now 30 and pretty well off is finding it pretty difficult to find a car that makes him feel like it's paying off, as every time he's brought something nice, someone pipes up...
  13. Benplym

    C63 or cla45

    It's probably 110% true that I would have been driving a sweet car and live at home as a teenager given the choice tbh, I know enough people doing it.
  14. Benplym

    C63 or cla45

    And I'm 27 ta
  15. Benplym

    C63 or cla45

    They may well have done but live with mummy and daddy in a pretty average house and are 18-19 so must have made some money very quickly, I know for a fact that the day my daughter can afford to drive a 25-30k merc she will certainly be on the property ladder at least
  16. Benplym

    Wife's Golf R stolen last night - they left my AMG?

    That's crazy, I know if I decided to become a car thief which one I would take. Unless they where actually smart and knew that the whole town would wake up when they fired up the c63
  17. Benplym

    C63 or cla45

    Do you know what bugs the crap out of me, it looks not a lot different to the 2 in my area driven by teenagers. One is a 220cdi and the other a tiny petrol both probably on pcp with mummy and daddy and guarantor's. It grates me why there's barely a difference cosmetic wise between a car that you...
  18. Benplym

    Love or hate C63 Coupe spotted today...

    I've seen it on ****e cars before, I think the idea is to look like a cartoon. I think it's pretty offensive on anything with 63 at the end of the name though
  19. Benplym

    BMW 335D xDRIVE

    These must be scary quick, a good friend has a stage 2 330d m sport and the boost is nearly un controllably surging, and this has another turbo. In a straight line there are plenty of quicker cars but nothing will match it real time driving
  20. Benplym

    W164-ML420 Owners Book/ Service Manual?

    As many will agree as long as the 7-g box had its initial service at 35-50k (everyone's views vary) it should be fine. Failing that make sure it's ultra smooth, mine had a "speed sensor" replaced at 65k as the initial service was over looked by the previous owner, it was £1250 so best to avoid...
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