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    S205 Steering wheel vibration

    Hello, C300 from '19 with AMG line in/exterior.(12.000 km on the clock when the fault occoured) I have a problem with a workshop here in DK. MB Dealer fixed a squeaking noise from the front and a clicking driver seat on warranty. When I picked it up, the steering wheel then had a vibration...
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    19" for C300 '19 with P29 "AMG Sport Package"

    Hello everybody, What I thought was an easy job has ended up being a real headache… I am somewhat failing to find 19" rims for my C300 '19 with P29 "AMG Sport Package" I am running the optional C43 rims from the previous generation which are; 19" 7.5 ET44 front 19" 8.5 ET52 rear Do anyone...
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