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  1. comports

    2007 CLK bluetooth

    Hi All, Its been a while but I've been lurking around. Long and short of it - I've had my 53 plate CLK 320 written off a couple of weeks ago and was gutted.... :( But Insurance have paid out so today I went and bought my next venture - a 2007 CLK 350..! not a million miles away from...
  2. comports

    Help identifying this part

    Wow - Twice in one day.. One other thing I need to fix is an annoying clunk on opening/closing the roof. It happens on the final stage of either when the tonneau (?) cover comes back down. It has two hinges from what I can see but there is a broken part in the middle on both sides but I...
  3. comports

    W209 CLK Rear Springs

    Hi Gang Its been a while since I've been on but not used the Merc lately sadly due to work commitments. When I say lately - for a while.... MOT yesterday and have done 235 miles since last years..:eek: (I really should sell it guess) BUT - It failed the MOT on a broken rear spring. I...
  4. comports

    Will this work for Ipod

    Hi Guys, My recent posts have left me think (and looking more) I would like to play my Iphone/Pod through the speakers but don't want to spend £100s to get there... I have a 53 plate with command (not sure which one though) and CD multi in the glove box (which doesn;t work anyway) Would I...
  5. comports

    Time for a change

    Hi Guys n gals, I have enjoyed incredibly my CLK 320 Cab but it has to go. I;m starting a new job soon where I'll have ot drive 120 miles there and back each day and want something more economical. Was looking for a CLK D Cab but understand merc don;t make em.... :( So - My question is -...
  6. comports

    Parrott MKi9200

    Hi Gang, Has anyone been able to wire in the new Parrott MKi9200..? I have no speaker ISO to connect the parrot to and assume the speakers are fed via the Can Fibre Optics..? I also get no power at the parrot yet but assume thats just a wire swap at the power end..? Thanks Ash
  7. comports

    No Sound from W209

    Hi Folks, Been a while since I've been on here... Today I went out to remove the stuck cd cassette from the changer and ended up breaking it..! Not a major problem me thought as I don;t use it anyway so unplugged it. I then found out I have no sound. Reading more online and I gather...
  8. comports

    Aircon on one side

    Hi Folks, Just as the weather picks up the aircon packs up.! sort of. It still gets cold on the passenger side but not on the drivers side. Had this before in my Range Rover and they have a thing called blend motors each side. Is it the same with the CLK's and likely to be the culprit...
  9. comports

    W209 Battery Replacement

    Hi Folks - Long time no visit (sorry) My battery is completely dead and long overdue for a replacement so I ordered one today and here in a couple of days. I haven't used the car for a few months and even then only sporadically as my daily driver is left at the station car park.! My...
  10. comports

    interior light removal

    Hi Gang, Short of being shot for such a stupid question - how does one remove the center light unit to replace a buld in a w209 CLK. I don't want to just pull it incase there are hidden clips. Have got new LED lights to replace the capsule type normal ones and want to fit them..? Thanks
  11. comports

    used car warranties

    Hi oh learned friends... Your thoughts please and experiences if you have them... I've just bought a 54 plate Range Rover TD6. 46,000 miles and full history from a small dealer (not main agent) with a self underwritten 3 month warranty. Probably not worth a great deal though and I was wondering...
  12. comports

    Gearbox question

    Hi All, Probably silly but.... Went out this morning (being a good citizen leaving my wife with the Range Rover) in the snow to park at the station. I tried for 15 minutes to get up the short slope to the car paek and gave up. I tried "S" mode and "C" mode, tiptronic in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th...
  13. comports

    Happy Birfday UnMarked

    Many Happy returns mate..!!
  14. comports

    one for momomo

    Sorry folks - One for Momomo Not sure if my PM's are getting through to you. PM if you can please.
  15. comports

    CLK AMG III Rear

    Hi Folks, It really is time I got a replacement rear wheel for my CLK. Hav tried old faithfull Fleaness but nothing doing at the moment. Any one have or know of one of these for sale Rear alloy Wheel: 18x8.5" ET30 Additional alloy part number: A2094011702 Thanks all
  16. comports

    New wheel needed

    Hi Folks, It's time I got round to replacing my slightly bend rear wheel from the CLK as the tyre keeps deflating on it..! Any one have of know of any of these for sale (preferably singles as I only want one) Rear alloy wheels: 18x8.5" ET30 Additional alloy part number: A2094011702...
  17. comports

    Lawnmower service

    Hi Folks, Just wondering how many people on here have their lawnmower serviced regularly or wait till it needs something doing. I've had my lawnmower for 2 years (not had a service yet) but recently it's started revving up and down on idle and when running. I'm told it needs a new...
  18. comports

    Stand out in the crowd..!!

    Not to everyone's taste and apologies if this has been posted before. Someone sent this to me today and I thought I'd share with you all.. It's a Mercedes Benz owned by an Abu Dhabi oil billionaire (naturally). Featuring the newly developed V10 quad turbo with 1,600 horsepower and...
  19. comports

    LED Side lights

    Sure this had been mentioned before but is this what I would need to replace my "yellow" side lights next to the xenons..? 2003 CLK W209..? Link
  20. comports

    This looks good condition - But import

    Nice 1976 280s
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