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    Beware selling scam

    I have recently been trying to sell my 2 cars. First was my merc. here & in our local paper, which included 5 outlets. One turned out to be an internet. I received a very quick reply with an email address of : asking for further details. The text contained grammatical...
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    My pride & joy with pnp

    How about £5000
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    My pride & joy with pnp

    w211 E320 petrol avant-garde. (BEHR RAD). FMBSH. 58000mls. Including my private No. plate JE----. Taxed & MOT, end of July. Next serv. due Nov.13. Recent new rear springs Shock absorber & front ball joints done In the last 3000mls. The car is in immaculate condition. & only used on long runs...
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    NO WIPERS when turning.(03 w211)

    Here's a good one. When left turn selected, wipers stop. Does this sound expensive.
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    lost wipers

    more w211 wiper problems My wipers stop when left turn indicator operated & then restart after turn switched of. Ok on rght turn & all other settings. Any ideas.
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    722.6 shudder - article

    Hi, What do they mean by :COLD STALL : & what are the symptoms ? Thanks
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    Door mirror gremlin

    Thanks, but I tried that & it still did'nt release.
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    Door mirror gremlin

    I was having a problem with my drivers door mirror (W211) with it set to auto fold. The turn & lock lght. stopped working along with a dash warning. Suspecting a broken wire,(which is a common fault) I eventually got round to attempt a repair. I followed all the advise on how to remove the cover...
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    Wing mirror removal

    Do I need to take the mirror glass out before trying to remove the cover. Most of the removal instructions do'nt indicate this. They just explain where to push the screwdriver in to remove the cover.
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    R/h turn indicator w211

    The r/h door mirror turn indicator lights have stopped working with a fault prompt in the panel cluster along with the green turn arrow flashing quicker than normal. They also do'nt flash (r/h side) when locking & unlocking. For some weeks prior to this I would just get the panel warning, along...
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    Comand NTG1 to NTG2.5 Upgrade

    It was a joke Alfie.
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    Comand NTG1 to NTG2.5 Upgrade

    Whats INS ? It used to be maps eyes & a sextant in my day, & then this box came in where all you had to do was put in a few Lats. & Longs & as if by magic, the A/C took you there. No wonder I need a satnav.
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    Comand NTG1 to NTG2.5 Upgrade

    Thats my delema, is it worth it? I used to find my way around perfectly well long before sat. navs.
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    Navigation 50APS 2011 problem. 61 plate E-class

    I would agree with that. The main problem is finding places that do'nt have numbers. Later versions of discs only seem to update map information. I've just updated mine to V10, with a genuine disc from German E-bay seller & found it gives me all the latest mapping within the past 18/24 months &...
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    Comand NTG1 to NTG2.5 Upgrade

    What sort of cost are you looking at ?
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    Curious about engines. C160, C180, C200 and C230 k's

    So what you are saying is, that they all have the same cylinder capacity ie 1.8 cc. I did'nt realise that.
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    Turn indicator

    I keep getting a dash warning saying the side mirror turn indicator not working. But it is working. It then clears itself after some use, but then comes back next time I use the car. Any ideas.
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    W211 Engine bay water protection Panelling

    Great mod. What needs to be done to fix these covers.
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    v12 sat nav disc

    Thanks. Not much point in upgrading from a V10 then.
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    v12 sat nav disc

    Does the V12 disc for ntg1 support 7 digit post codes
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