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  1. league67

    petrol pump rules

    So you want to 'whack' guy who used spare pump, and also was friendly-waving at you ? Appart for showing that your IQ is equal to your body temperature, was there another point to this post ?
  2. league67

    Business IT System Set-Up

    I'd go along the lines of smb server. Also DO get someone to set it up. If they know what they are doing it will save you A LOT of hassle (read money and time) later. Where I advise clients differently to most people is backup. For sbs I'd strongly recommend disk imaging software, its cheaper...
  3. league67

    New Desktop Computer Advise Needed.

    IMHO, times for building pc's from scratch are long gone. DELL has a problem with support of desktops. If there is a problem you'll be connected to someone who reads from 'if then' scripts. I'd standardized supply of desktops to my clients from Fujitsu Siemens. They've been very reliable (> 300...
  4. league67

    Police guilty over Menezes case

    There are lots of posts here inferring 'suspicious' behavior and 'failing to stop' when asked by police. From what I've read and thats only very limited knowledge, guy went on the bus, didn't run down the elevator (as originally reported) didn't have 'thick padded jacket' but jeans jacket and...
  5. league67

    battery not charging?

    Power management will not affect battery charging. It will affect profiles for energy saving.
  6. league67

    battery not charging?

    I'd check first start/control panel/system/device manager and start/control panel/admin tools/event viewer/system then go from there
  7. league67

    Website privacy

    and if they are not 'proper' they can just keep it in dbase for as long as they like. There are no 'expiration dates' as such. hth
  8. league67

    USB Raid

    The only usb raid I've ever used was lacie with 4 drives (r5+hs) slow as hell (connected to xserve). Atto 4ld card + infortrend RL6 anytime. What most admins choose to ignore is that once data disappears NO ONE is going to thank you for saving money. Or get it in writing that you warned them...
  9. league67

    OSX Leopard today!

    Agree with scotch_uk, never EVER do upgrade of OS. Be it Win (horror of upgrading xp home to pro) or OSX or even Linux (suse to be precise). Keep data separate, install os from 0, reinstall applications, restore data. Job done.
  10. league67

    Broadband Wireless Router

    be aware that with a 'free tool' you can crack any wep password in 2mins flat. If you have option use passphrase and WPA.
  11. league67

    WEP Wireless Security

    OS X 10.4 both WPA and WPA2 compatible. Hth
  12. league67

    unknowm currency...

    Unfortunately not, they are not worth £700. AFAIK those are notes before devaluation. Don't think that they are valid anymore.
  13. league67

    Re-colouring leather interior

    Not even the same seat , I thought that it was obvious. Since I've done the passanger seat already, I'm thinking to document doing driver seat.
  14. league67

    Re-colouring leather interior

    it is 1991 Cherokee Ltd. Its a perfect car that I'm learning how to do things on. And it anoys the hell out of greens so unbeatable.
  15. league67

    Re-colouring leather interior

    Is anyone interested to read 'howto' of redoing leather interior. Picture before and after or should I not bother.
  16. league67

    Worst meal I have EVER HAD

    Where does one buy them ? Or order them for that matter.
  17. league67

    Server based Anti Spam

    Not sure relevant but I like to separate my mail server from spam dealing box. Found barracuda to perform like a champ. Additional benefit , only box visible from 'outside' is barracuda. And for 2k its not going to break a bank.
  18. league67

    Tonkatoy to annoy greens

    In all its glory, its so ugly kind of verges on cool :D
  19. league67

    JAG XF at the ring

    its your mac
  20. league67

    SL320 Purchased

    I'd agree with Dieselman on this. A vpercentage of us here own our companies and we decide what we charge. I'm all for exposing bad workmanship and/or attitude, customer service and the rest of it but prices shouldn't be the reason to 'name and shame'. my 2p
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