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    Banning Of Radar Detectors

    That makes more sense - there are alternative uses for laser detectors which have nothing to do with speed enforcement or road safety. I can see why they would be banned. :cool:
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    Banning Of Radar Detectors

    I don't much value in banning them?? There is always the "rumour" that they are to be banned, but that was probably started by my gran (she's against most things made after 1953). I'm not aware of any pressure from Police Chiefs to get rid of them, but it might be a europe-wide plan...
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    Stolen Van

    What did they do / not do? :confused:
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    Anyone know how to accurately identify the direction of Mecca without the aid of a GPS device?! ie is there a site where you can enter your location and it will give a compass direction? I tried and it gave me directions to Milton Keynes... :crazy:
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    "I'll take two, please...." :cool:
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    A shame to hear you say that - but can't you split the Political from the practical? (ie the Police want to achieve the same goals as the majority of decent citizens, Politicians dictate what are the acceptable tools for the Police to use and the rule by which they can use them). At the end...
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    If he was on assessment, the vehicle was being used for Police purposes and so he had a valid legal exemption.
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    Vectra 2.5 v6 Sport.....

    Out of interest, have you done any advanced driving courses?
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    Near miss!!!!

    Except the Highway Code isn't law. :bannana:
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    Largest Norm-Asp Diesel Merc C/E?!

    Can anyone tell me which was the largest capacity normally aspirated (ie non-turbo) W202 C Class and prev shape E Class - in petrol and in diesel. Cheers :bannana:
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    CLK55 C32 E55 S55 ML55 CL55 SLK32 SL55 AMG Brochure

    Selling off the better quality Mercedes brochures & Press Packs from my collection... 2001 CLK55 C32 E55 S55 ML55 CL55 SLK32 SL55 AMG Brochure for sale... 1995 Mercedes Benz...
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    Window Tinting Illegal On Front!!!!

    Heh heh "A bloke down at the bodyshop said it, so it must be true..." :bannana:
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    How many police does it take to work a camera ??

    Sounds like ANPR (They are out catching burglars...!). Good system for catching the bad guys! :bannana:
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    Absolutely right! Except there is no law that bans over 100mph (see above!) :bannana:
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    It's unfortunate that your grandma had a bad experience - did you complain? and if so, did anyone take the time to explain what investigation was being done? :( You've watched lots of TV programmes? Hey! Well done. Great source of evidence! :crazy: As for the young/old split..... :D...
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    lol :rolleyes:
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    I think you are having difficulty separating the Govt spin from reality - if the only offence you commit is speeding, then it seems no bad thing that you are concerned that you might get caught. Traffic Policing is getting less and less funding, but the Govt push for more cameras and publicity...
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    The only person guilty of double standards here is you!! lol 100 doesn't mean disqual, it just means the magistrate has to consider it as a serious option - otherwise there would have to ber aggrivating factors to the speed. "Zero tollerance" is popular until folks realise it applies to...
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    Manchester Police Chief does 104mph

    So I guess that means he is representitive of the rest of the population? :rolleyes:
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