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    S205 eibach springs feel crashy

    Hi All, had eibach springs fitted about a month ago on my 2015 s205 se, the ride quality is so crashy, and it makes noises when going over bumps, the standard shocks were used. Driving me crazy, any opinions.
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    coolant resovoir

    On the W205 it has 2 coolant reservoirs which one should you top the coolant up from.
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    Lowering w205 estate

    HI All Just bought a w205 estate se, I have just put 18" amg alloys, the car seems to be sitting a bit high, can I put AMG springs on the car
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    Heaters not blowing hot air

    Hi just put the heaters on my w204 c220 and not hot air comes out whatsover, winters coming need heaters Any thoughts why it could do this
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    Car pulls to the left

    Hi, my car has been pulling to the left for quite some time, a few months ago i swapped the left wheel to the right and it started pulling in the oppsoite direction, so decided to have brand new tyres fitted to the front of the car, but the car started to pull to the left again, So today i...
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    mercedes w204 engine loudness

    HI are the c class c220 cdi supposed to be loud or smooth, my car has done 97k and is fairly loud, my father has just bought a e220 cdi slightly newer and it is so much quiter, the engines look the same but my ones alot louder
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    Coolant level

    Hi My check coolant light is on even though the coolant level is fine, do you have to change the complete header tank or can you replace the sensor My cars a w204 c class 2012
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    Power steering fluid

    What power steering fluid can i use in my c220 cdi 2012, i was thinking of going to eurocarparts only place open in the morning before 830ish
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    D18c active bonnet fault

    HI Does anyone know if this relates to the bonnet actuators or the sensors on the front panel, the code reads communication with the left sensor for function "active engine hood" has a malfunction
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    C class coupe parts

    H i have the following bits available AMG front bumper - £100 N/S Wing - 75 Standard C class from grill - £30 Will upload pics shortly
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    Help, Anti theft protection on Audio 20

    Hi Just purchased a new ntg4.5 audio, plugged this in was workng for 5 mins or so and now it has come up with anti theft protection activated.
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    Becker nav work with any ntg4.5 stereo

    Hi, just wondering if any ntg4.5 will work with a becker sat nav setup, my cd changer unit is damaged withn my stereo and having to source a replacement
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    Plugs on the rear of the w204 ntg4.5

    HI can any one tell me what the blue connector on the back of the stereo is, cannot find any stereos with that colour connection
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    CD repairs in london area

    Hi does anyone know any place where i can get my Audio 20 repaired, my car is a 2012 w204 c class coupe, seems like a fault with the cd changer i am unable insert CD's and displays drive unavailable Any help would be mich appreciated
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    Replacing CD drive

    My cd player needs replacing faulty cd drive the player has the following numbers on the drive, going to be impossible finding to fnd the exact models, can i plug any ntg4.5, my car has becker navigation would that make a dfference A2049003609 A2049011903 A1729028103 Or if anyone can advise...
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    Recoding key

    Can the keys be reprogrammed so any other spare keys do not work, as i only recieved one key for my car
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    EO12 soc - Previous owners

    Hi I have recently bought the above car but the service record is missing, its had one main dealer service in 2013 the rest would be independant, the last owner has had it since new and just wondering if any one recognises this Any help would be much appreciated
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    Drive Unavailable and beeping (driving me crazy)

    Hi my 2012 w204 c class coupe audio 20 keeps on beeping and displays drive unavailable, it some times let me access the disc drive which are showing as empty, the drive does not let me insert any discs, issue is driving me crazy what do i do
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