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  1. Benplym

    Pretty fed up with scammers while trying to sell an honest car

    Have my ml up for sale, at a decent price, it's pretty damn amazing. Last night I get a call from a dealer asking really in depth questions about the car. Mid sent ace he stops me to tell me he wanted to see who the scammer was. I was confused but long story short some foreign person has...
  2. Benplym

    This has got to be a joke?!?! Take a scroll through the pictures and prices in the window, these guys couldn't sell their grey xf so wrapped it for a few hundred quid and put a grand on it???
  3. Benplym

    Why oh why!?!?!

    Aw this from a distance and got excited....... Then it got closer...... And closer, oh my, what is it Not one panel met, it sounded like a tractor with a hole in the manifold, the badges were all wonky, and the wheels where about 16". How do people drive these "replicas", it was funny at...
  4. Benplym

    2007 w164 ML280 For Sale Lots Of Upgrades

    2007/57 Mercedes 4WD M-Class ML280 7G-Tronic Showroom Condition - Lots of Upgrades Metalic Black Recent Service B + Full Transmission Service 22" AMG Wheels+New Tyres (they are replicas but from a decent dealer...... And Mighty expensive) Hill Start Assist (very handy) Flappy Paddle Gear...
  5. Benplym

    Top Notch Sprayers Devon Found

    Yay a quick post as people are always looking for a decent Repair Man and there are not many decent ones around my area at all. Well I have found one or 2 actually. I went to 6 or 7 different places some were recommended, they all had shoddy work outside or tried to charge brain surgeon money...
  6. Benplym

    Rs4/s6 opinions from owners / pricing help???

    Have got a massive buzz for a large petrol estate. And always fancied an rs4 but I'm am torn between that and the 5.2 s6. I know a bit about them but would love to hear a few horror stories from previous owners. I also need some help with pricing help with my ML. There (like with most cars)...
  7. Benplym

    Decent breakers..... Door needed

    Am having no joy whatsoever in sourcing a door for my w164 ml. I was going to have it repaired but after a ton of sprayers giving me ridiculous quotes, a decent one refused to do it due to the "ripples" in the "flexible" part. Nice to find an honest guy for once. I am left with needing a door...
  8. Benplym

    Going MAD Need HELP BIG TIME Connecting iphone 6 to w164 ml

    This has been asked sooooo many times I'm sure but I havnt found any constructive answers. I have a 2007 ml280 edition s (crap one), it had the stupid "Nokia" lead in the arm rest and that's it! I understand that the ONLY way to connect my iphone 6 is to spend a million pounds on a bluetooth...
  9. Benplym

    19" ML w164 Wheels & Continental tyres for Sale

    I guys just upgraded my wheels and have no need for the originals. They are the standard wheels that came from my ml280 2007. In pretty good condition. A bit of bubbling on one and a few scuffs on another but overall pretty good. The tyres are continental contacts and where £1200 they are all...
  10. Benplym

    Ml280 Re-Map opinions???

    I guys, newish owner of a ml280cdi 2007 model. I am shocked at the fuel economy. I have owned many 4x4s and drive them with the respect they should get, it's not a car. It's similar to the economy of my ml270 which is horrendous. My previous car was a 2005 x5 3.0d and was a lot better. It's...
  11. Benplym

    Black ml drivers door w164

    Ive had a prang, a big one involving a concrete pillar, in desperate need of a drivers door as repairing it is ridiculous, they see an ml and presume they can rip you off, it's quite annoying, I have never payed more than £150 to repair similar damage (which I see as a reasonable price for the...
  12. Benplym

    Daytime Running Lights w164 Ml280

    Have seen this done a couple of times with people claiming they have done the mod themselves and it turns out a car shop of some sort did it. Has anyone ran "switchback DRL's" on the indicator strip at the lower part of the headlight. There are 2 tubes that carry and spread the light of the...
  13. Benplym

    Transmission Service Interval/Ml280 MPG

    Hi guys/ladies the previous owner of my ml280cdi had a new speed sensor fitted at 65k, I have just purchased at 83k. Obviously it would have had a fluid change, but it was at a back ally dealer and looking at the service history he seems WELL suspect. Should I get it changed again? My x5 blew...
  14. Benplym

    W164 Facelift Front Bumper and Headlights wanted

    I am after a (preferably black) front bumper for a w164 2008- facelift model. Not too fussed about colour or condition. Also after headlights for the same model. Thanks
  15. Benplym

    22" Wheels and Running Boards Wanted for ML w164

    I guys I am after a set of 22's for my new ml280. Anything considered as long as it has a Mercedes badge on it somewhere. Also looking for some oem/oem style running boards. NOT the big ugly round things, Brabus or not Brabus they are sickening to even glance at. Thanks
  16. Benplym

    Mileage or condition?

    I guys I am looking for an ml280 or 320 cdi I have around 11k. I normally swear by higher mileage cars that have had an easy life, my a6 has 179k and is mint and my x5 had 171k and was on the original rear discs! As they have both been motorway warriors. I seem to find that these lower mileage...
  17. Benplym

    Mobile Independant Inspection Yorkshire Needed

    I guys I am looking for an inspection to be carried out on a ML 280 up near Leeds that I am interested in. The car isn't cheap but has a very good background BUT I've heard that all before. I am fairly mechanical minded but cannot buy cars for myself, for anyone else i am pretty good but I just...
  18. Benplym

    Wanted ml280/320 with low miles

    I guys I am after a newer ml. I had a 2005 270 now I am after a newer model I am not fussy on which spec or age as long as it's the w164 had under 60k and MUST HAVE full mbsh or indie history with the 40k transmission service completed! And preferably black. A nice chunk of extras. I don't...
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