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  1. alecmascot

    Mercedes Engine Oil - 229.5 5W40 - 5 litre and Febi 1L ATF for 5-spd.

    I have changed cars and now have a dreaded DPF and a 7-spd box so have no use for these. £15 on collection from NE6 3BJ.
  2. alecmascot

    W204 bad ride quality

    I think you need shocks like the Bilstein B4 Dampmatic to preserve the OEM ride quality. Not sure if Sachs list those?
  3. alecmascot

    Fumes when opening driver’s door with cold engine

    Injector seals leaking ? Pull the engine cover off and listen for chuffing and/or smoke and that there is no "black death" around the injectors.
  4. alecmascot

    Automatic transmission dipstick problem

    It's not meant to. There is a collar/stop at the business end that determines the correct position to give a true reading.
  5. alecmascot

    Reverse sensors
  6. alecmascot

    C220 cdi stalls cold start .. help

    Which gearbox do you have? the 5-speed has a dipstick and you can check the level and the state of the ATF. Changing the Engine oil/filter will have no bearing. When was the fuel filter last changed ?
  7. alecmascot

    Help with parts numbers
  8. alecmascot

    Rear diff

    From what I have seen that is normal....
  9. alecmascot

    E class SBC

    The W211 E-Class was facelifted in June 2006 for the 2007 model year and lost SBC
  10. alecmascot

    Dipstick for auto box

    No it will not do that.
  11. alecmascot

    Dipstick for auto box

    You probably have the correct one. It is not intended to stay in the tube, only for measurement. It does not hit the bottom of the pan. There is a constriction that sets the height of the dipstick.
  12. alecmascot

    Erratic sensors

    Is your front number plate secure ?
  13. alecmascot

    C207 2012 Brake Fluid Leak!

    Probably a brake pipe has rotted through. When mine went on my W204 (same chassis as yours) a competent local garage replaced both rear pipes for £250. MB will charge a fortune because they will want to drop the rear subframe.
  14. alecmascot

    Anyone added extra sound insulation?

    There is an excellent thread here :
  15. alecmascot

    Best tyres for comfort - C200

    Which All Seasons ?
  16. alecmascot

    W203 c180 power steering pump

    Use your VIN on this site:
  17. alecmascot

    2004 W215 CL500 Obd Fuse Location
  18. alecmascot

    Intelligent Light System - bulbs out - fuse locations
  19. alecmascot

    Kangaroo Diesel

    Traction control ?
  20. alecmascot

    2005 E270 cdi Pully Question?

    It's normally the air-con compressor. There's usually a diagram of the belt layout in the User Manual
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