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    W124 Headlamp wiper arm

    Need a drivers side headlamp wiper arm please ?
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    C124 H&R lowering springs for a E320 Coupe

    This might be a long shot but looking for the above please if someone has a set lying around they might wanna sell ?
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    Uprated front anti roll bar C124 3.2 sportline

    Hi, Just changed all for shocks and was about to the replace the front anti roll bar bushes. Then noticed the original bar has worn away near the bush areas. Apart from replacing with an OEM sportline bar does anyone offer a thicker bar ? Have looked at Eibach and other brands but...
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    1994 C124 220CE with AMG bodykit

    A stunning example
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    C124 wheel offset question

    Hi, I'm looking to fit a set of 18" 5x100 wheels on to my 1993 e320 Sportline coupe with pcd adaptors. The wheels are 8x18" with an offest of ET35, the adaptors will convert it from 5x112 to 5x100 with a thickness of 20mm. Wheel these wheels fit and after fitting the adaptors will I...
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    W124 Passenger electric seat control unit

    Looking for the above either working or not.
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    Wanted W124 electric door mirrors

    As above for a coupe either as a pair or individual Thanks in advance
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    W124 Yellow speed racing coilovers

    Hi, Has anyone used these coilovers on their W124 coupe or saloon ? I've seen a few people in America use them, here's a link. YELLOW SPEED RACING DYNAMIC PRO SPORT COILOVERS MERCEDES BENZ E-CLASS W124 84-92 | Yellow Speed Racing Europe
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    W124 coupe interior swap

    Hi, Looking to swap my beige cloth interior for a leather interior out of a 1990 300ce coupe. The leather interior is heated and both front seats are electric and drivers side has a memory function. Apart from the seats, door cards inc. switches, centre console with heated switches, do I...
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    Any W124 owners in/near NW London area

    Hi, Looking to see if there are any W124 owners with lowered coupe or saloons to see how the car feels when lowered ? Got a E220 coupe and I'm wondering to lower the car slightly but don't want a crashy ride or loose all the ride quality. Thanks in Advance
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    Wanted - 18" Monoblock alloys 5x112 for W124 Coupe

    Hi, After a set of these would also consider replicas but must be in good condition ?
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    Few questions on buying W124 E220 coupe

    Hi everyone, Going to look at a coupe this weekend and have a few questions for you please. Just did a MOT history check and the last MOT had some advisorys as in the pic. I'm not really worried about the shocks as I will be replacing them, but is the cross member being corroded is...
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    W124 coupe key question

    Hi, Looking at a E220 coupe and the current owner told me he has one key to open/close doors and another key to start the engine with. He told me this is normal on the W124 cars and I just wanted to confirm this with anyone on here. Could it be its had a ignition barrel replacement at some...
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    W124 E220 or E320 wanted

    W124 E220 or E320 coupe wanted Hi, I'm looking for a W124 coupe either a 2.2 or 3.2, Must be in good condition ? Would prefer something after 1994 model onwards but wouldn't mind earlier versions. Thanks in Adavance
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