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  1. 10EDD

    Humbled by the SLS

    Having thoroughly enjoyed my C63 as a daily driver for the last year I have just had to re-calibrate what I understand to be a proper kick in the back from a cars performance as well as pure theatre for noise. My business partner has just upgraded his CLS63 for an SLS Roadster; that thing is...
  2. 10EDD

    The New 10EDD

    To brighten Chritmas and the New Year even more I was lucky enough to take delivery of the replacement 10EDD which for the first few short days of ownership have been a real pleasure. Much planned for the year to get the most from it, just the running in to get through at the moment but thought...
  3. 10EDD

    Re-Engined Car

    What is the general consensus on relatively new cars having replacement engines fitted both with regard to ownership perception and re-sale value further down the line (or any other thoughts). My C250 went in for it's fist annual service after only 5,000 miles last week and remains at the...
  4. 10EDD

    Bird Strike

    Fortunately I won't be landing in the Hudson river after this bird strike that's just frightened the c**p out of me at the office!! Looks like the suicide bird in question made a clean getaway to reap further terror in the neighbourhood!! Ed
  5. 10EDD

    Harman Kardon - worthwhile upgrade?

    I'm curious as to others opinions regarding the Harman Kardon stereo upgrade and if people feel it represents a significant improvement in sound quality. Having recently taken delivery of the first Mercedes I've thought I'd tick this option box on I am left distictly underwhelmed and struggle...
  6. 10EDD

    Missing Spec

    I thought I’d share with you this curious occurrence which remains work in progress and as such I’m presently content to run with the advice and guidance from my dealer. If you are due to take delivery of a C63 shortly you may also want to take note in case your car falls into this category...
  7. 10EDD

    Mercedes Benz Insurance Policies

    Apologies if there is a thread already regarding this, but has anyone used Mercedes Benz insurance for anythig past the new car 7 day trial on the basis that it warrants the apparant premium in what it brings in extras to Mercedes owners? I have used this handy (and free) 7 day insurance...
  8. 10EDD

    New entrant!

    Hi guys, A quick intro seemed the polite thing to do as I've just signed up to the MB Club for help, advice (probably mostly of the recieving variety!), and entertainment. I've been fortunate to own many higher end cars but only moved to MB recently with the ML ad now my wife's C250 and...
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