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    Password Problem

    Apple and I don't agree ! It is probably an age thing (my age , not the iMac.
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    Password Problem

    Thanks for the reply. I managed to follow a process which is supposed to cure the blank icons. It involved deleting IconCache.db but it didn't work. Have you any suggestions? I am learning as I go!
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    Password Problem

    I went to sign into BBC I Player and when I put in the password, I got a message ' Your password has been in a data breach'. Is there any way of finding what has happened? Just before this occurred, most of the desktop icons went blank. I take it the 2 issues are not related. I am on Windows 8.1...
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    2015 C250 Bluetec AdBlue: Eng. start not possible

    My understanding is - turn ignition on , press accelerator until glow plug light comes on; when it stops blinking, turn ignition off, wait 10 seconds, turn ignition on and press pedal 2 times. This should reset things
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    Gifting shares to grandchildren

    If purchased at 14p and current price is 245, then percentage profit is 1650%. The shares in Feb 2020 were 24.45p , in April 2020 59.50p.
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    Gifting shares to grandchildren

    As far as I can see Avacta shares are trading at 245.8p. What I cannot see is how a gain of 1800% has been made.
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    Car Insurance

    I recently had to renew the insurance on my wife's car. For once I decided to look at the small print. In among it was a clause ' There will be no insurance if the driver is over drink drive limit '. I assume there is still thrid party cover. It is the first time I have seen a drink drive...
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    If you don’t ask....

    I have checked dealer prices here in N. Ireland for 2017 BMW 330e. Prices range from £13450 to £17495. There are 2018 ones at £18450.
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    Flood water damaged c250d misfire and nox sensor fault HELP!!

    Why not buy a diesel compression test kit? There are many on the market .
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    Any Old Coin Experts Here?

    A friend has been offered a 1745 George 111 Lima Guinea in quite good condition. The ? is- does the fact it has Lima stamped on it add to the value? There are guineas around the same age without the Lima thing and they appear to be worth less, for some reason.
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    The UK Politics & Brexit Thread - Please no Covid talk!

    The EU/UK deal seem to me to leave the UK sucking a hind tit. Can anyone convince me otherwise?
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    SL55 and SL63 (R230) and SL500 (R129) - Members experience

    I traded a R129 for a R230-big mistake. The R230 proved to be a money pit at a low mileage. Would I have another R230? Not a chance.
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    Central Heating Programmer

    Unfortunately no markings of any kind inside front cover
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    Central Heating Programmer

    Thank you for the replies. I forgot to say it needs to be a 2 channel one. This rules out the Danfoss. Unfortunately I cannot see any name on the programmer they have.
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    Central Heating Programmer

    I am looking a central heating programmer for an oil fired system (on behalf of an elderly person) The type I seek is the old fashioned type with push in/out tappets ie non digital. If anyone knows of any company making/supplying such items, any information would be greatly appreciated.
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    Problems with my C class

    I have to ask -why did you buy the car in the first place? Was the car ok when you inspected it? I.e. did the various marks happen between you first viewing the car and taking delivery?
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    Des died.

    Des once told a great story. He and his wife were having a guest for dinner. Before he arrived, Des and wife called the children together. They told the children that their guest had a very large nose and they were not to point at it or mention it under any circumstances. Guest arrived, had...
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    No Claims Bonus

    Thank you for the replies. In my case I note the cost of protecting my No Claim Bonus is only £22 . It would appear paying this is worthwhile. I take the point about insurers getting you either way.
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    No Claims Bonus

    I am maybe about to ask a silly question, I hope not. If you do not have Protected No Claims Bonus and there is a claim, do you automatically lose all your No Claims Bonus? I am thinking of a situation where a person has 20+ years of no claims. In other words, is protecting your no claims bonus...
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    R230 Passenger Mirror Trim Leak

    Hi Welcome to the forum. I think you need to remove the triangle part to gain access to the inside of the mirror. Then examine the sealing around the mirror. I suspect that is where the water is getting in.
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