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  1. EVL124

    My 2005 C55 AMG in Alabaster White

    Well old habits die hard I guess, have gone back to a Merc! Picked up this immaculate example this week, 2005, 83,000kms, Alabaster White with black leather interior, high spec with pretty much every option available. I have already dropped by Mr. Muffler and had the secondary cats and...
  2. EVL124

    Rough idle still on 1993 320CE, what could it be? Everything replaced

    OK, so my idle is still off, when car is cold its perfect, as it warms up it gets a bit lumpy - mostly smooth with a slight miss, also when re-starting car when warm revs fluctuate quite badly for a couple of minutes before settling back to the almost smooth but slight misfire every few seconds...
  3. EVL124

    C124 Driveline clunk - not flex disks or diff mounts

    Hi All Have an annoying clunk in the 320CE, and am at a bit of a loss as to what it could be. I have replaced both flex disks, the diff mounts front bushings in rear subframe, trans mount and both motor mounts. Basically upshifting, even under full throttle/redline is fine, no jerkiness...
  4. EVL124

    Gah, need wiring harness for C124

    Right, well am unable to keep going with the patch fixes, need to bite the bullet and procure a new harness for my 320CE, annoying thing is I seem to have a rather uncommon harness which seems to be Jap market only (google only comes up with jap links when P/N searched), and due to this, its...
  5. EVL124

    What is my car?

    Right, now very confused as to what the hell my car is. ECU was diagnosed as faulty - degraded harness damaged the caps on it, so I got a replacement to put into it. When mechanic pulled out the original it turns out its an AMG ECU with a WA124540 05 45 part number on it - anyone seen this...
  6. EVL124

    Look what the postman delivered!

    Well my spoiler finally arrived! Am please to report its definitely a genuine AMG part, part numbers and all, so will go very well with my AMG kit :) My square AMG exhaust tips arrived last week as well and have been installed by Dean at Mr Muffler, and look very good - no photos yet. I have...
  7. EVL124

    320CE "Diesel" rattle when warm

    Hi All Have a rather annoying issue at the moment, when my 320CE is cold the motor sounds great at idle, nice and smooth and quiet. As soon as it gets up to temp however it rattles like a diesel from idle until about 1500rpm. I don't think it is tensioner shock as it would do it...
  8. EVL124

    NZ (Auckland?) based members drive

    Hey Guys Not sure how many NZers are on here, but keen to get some sort of a meet happening, maybe on Labour weekend?? If anyone is keen, respond here. Cheers Tom
  9. EVL124

    $1 Reserve SL600 AMG in NZ

    Only up to $2710 with 2 days to go... could be an absolute steal... for someone, downsides are the damage and getting it registered! Mercedes-Benz SL600 AMG 1995 for sale - - New Zealand
  10. EVL124

    $1 Reserve SL600 AMG in NZ

    Only up to $2710 with 2 days to go... could be an absolute steal... Hmm, M120 powered C124.... lol Mercedes-Benz SL600 AMG 1995 for sale - - New Zealand
  11. EVL124

    Will these 17 8.5" and 9" ET35 AMG/OZ alloys fit a C124?

    Hi Guys I know the 8.5" and 10.5" R129 AMG/OZ wheels don't fit, but I haven't seen these before! 8.5" and 9" ET 35! AMG OZ Mercedes 5x112 9x17 w211 210 124 SL 126 CL RARE! on eBay (end time 08-Oct-10 21:47:22 BST) Thoughts? Cheers Tom
  12. EVL124

    6.0 m119 amg v8

    I am tempted to drop this into my C124, but wayy to much of a headache! mercecedes V8 AMG 6L 280Kw 580Nm engine W140 500se for sale - - New Zealand
  13. EVL124

    Extremely cheap 600SL - 15k NZD

    I must admit, I was tempted! Mercedes-Benz 600SL V12 NZ NEW 1993 for sale - - New Zealand
  14. EVL124

    Dyno vids of my old Mercs

    Thought this might be of interest to some - dyno videos of my old C36 and 190e - unfortunately never dynoed my C280. C36 dyno: YouTube - 1995 MERCEDES C36 (W202) 190e Dyno: YouTube - 190E AMG VASK DYNO DAY And just for laughs my prior car before I bought my 320CE - a fairly worked...
  15. EVL124

    EVL124's new member intro

    Hi All My name is Tom, 22 from New Zealand, work in IT sales, and am somewhat of a Benz enthusiast. After a 2 year or so haitus am back to owning one again - my prev Mercs are 1989 Blauschwarz 190e 2.6 with 16v kit and interior and AMG rep wheels: 1994 Blauschwarz C280 with full AMG kit...
  16. EVL124

    My 1993 320CE AMG/Brabus

    Here is my coupe that I bought a couple of months back. 1993 Blauschwarz 320CE Genuine Gen I AMG kit Staggered 17" AMG Aero II alloys Brabus-esque exhaust with slash cut tips Brabus B6 tuning package - tuning module and cam
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