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    Dash cam suggestions

    Hello, I have had a dash cam for about 10 years and had several over that period. Time is approaching for me to replace my DDPAI which in all honesty has disappointed, dowloading video has proved very difficult so I'm after suggestions for a replacement. I need it to be wifi enabled so that I...
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    Genuine Mercedes W204 C320 alloy wheels A2044012702 A2044012802

    Selling a set of C320 alloy wheels and new tyres. Thanks. Genuine Mercedes W204 S204 C CLASS C320 alloy wheels A2044012702 A2044012802 | eBay
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    ICarSoft MB II

    £85.00 delivered
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    W204 radiator fan on full, no aircon

    So I've had an interesting problem that may be of interest to someone in the future and I believe this problem could occur on any vehicle with a/c. Started the car last Friday to have the radiator fan start up on full immediately and would not switch off, the car had been fine the day before. I...
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    W204 rear nearside door moulding

    I'm in need of the door moulding following a minor scrape that I'm having repaired. The part number is A 2047300180 and it looks like this Door Molding Genuine For Mercedes 2047300180 | 2047300180 would anyone have one they want to dispose of? TYVM
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    C320 voyage regulator

    I have the red dash warning that battery is not charging. My regular mechanic has checked the car and diagnosed that the battery is not being charged. He believes it is probably the voltage regulator but is a bit busy at the moment to have the car in. How easy is this to change? I'm thinking...
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    Recycling plastics

    Is anyone on the forum involved in the recycling field? I have recently become involved in a project which recycles all forms of plastics into high quality fuel oil. The project is looking for companies already involved in handling large quantities of plastic waste who might be interested in...
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    W204 (2008) steering rack

    Hello, so just as I'm planning to change the car the steering rack lets go. New are prohibitively expensive considering the age of the car so I'm looking for a reconditioned exchange unit. I have of course googled and found several suppliers but wondered if anyone here has used a company they...
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    Does anyone know this car or dealer? Lowestoft area.

    As the title really, this car has my attention but it's a long way (4 hours) from home. I'd like to know a bit more before travelling this far to look. Mercedes-Benz Cls Diesel Coupe CLS320 CDI 4dr Tip Auto Thanks in advance for any information you can give.
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    W204 lighting problems

    Hello I could do with a little help... I am getting error messages for Rear left turn signal Rear left brake/tail light continuity check of all bulbs show they are fine and the connections in the bulb holder are also OK. Switching off and restarting the car clears the errors for a short time...
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    Alone in the wilderness I hope you enjoyed as much as I did.
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    Time lapse engine rebuild.
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    Road rage enjoy the instant karma
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    Peterborough dealer

    Hi everyone a friend of mine is looking for a C320 CDI and has come across this one. Is anyone here familiar with the dealer? I welcome any comments on the vehicle. I have agreed to take him to view on Saturday and he will...
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    Automatic Lights

    Cant see the fog. They move amongst us. Sigh...
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    Air Compressors

    In this post Brexit Britain I find myself in need of an air compressor for inflating tyres at home. I don't mind paying a premium if need be to buy British but I do want something of good quality. Are there any British manufacturers I could take a look at? Thanks.
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    W204 seats

    Hi, I have a problem with the drivers heated seat failing to heat the base, the seat back is OK. Mercedes quote over £500 for a replacement seat base. I was wondering if anyone has suggestions before I get my wallet out. Thanks.
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    minor bump, advice on how to proceed.

    So today I was reversing out of our property onto a relatively quiet estate road. Our garage is situated at the back of the property and the reverse requires you to line up straight in order to reverse alongside the house to the road, the other side of the drive is a wooden fence, the gap is...
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    There is stupid then there is Ferrari stupid.
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    W204 brakes

    I will need to replace discs and pads on my next service. I would be interested in suggestions for suppliers if you have any. I don't want to compromise on quality but of course cheaper is good too. What can you suggest? Thanks.
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