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    C32, 203 cd multi charger or Dension unit

    Wanted in working order please. Mine is fibre optic. What have you got laying around gathering dust🤔
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    A207 inside door handle

    Does anyone have a source for these? Mercedes want to sell the whole door card😱 I've seen 204 ones on Ebay etc but not sure they fit. TIA
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    Can Android Auto now be activated i hear?

    I have a 2016 CLS with HK. Apple CarPlay is already on board. I asked MB 18 months ago if they could activate Android auto, they said it can't be done. Since heard rumours that it can be done. Anyone had it activated or done it DIY style from Ebay?
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    C207 how can aux be turned on from eng menu?

    Anyone now how to turn on the aux? Radio says it has aux but no connector. I need it turned on for an aftermarket android audio unit
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    C32 H&R front anti roll bar bushes

    Very long shot I know. Just seeing if anyone has the poly bushes for the H&R front anti roll bar for sale. Can't seem to get them at the moment 😔
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    Mercedes HFP Bluetooth cradle B67875877

    As above boxed with instructions. Not sure what they are worth anymore? £120?
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    H&R technical email address?

    After the above please. Can't seem to find on the internet?
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    C32 front H&R anti roll bar

    I've been fitted the above H&R front anti roll bar on my C32. The main bushes have failed within 200 miles. Does anyone have an email address for H&R as I've had no luck on the internet thus far. They are just rubber ones and a believe they now do poly bushes for it. Many thanks
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    Mercedes E250 convertible Dec 2011

    125 edition 50+mpg Great all round car. I was really surprised how easy every day life is with a convertible. Very good condition. Full service history. Just had big service with all filters replaced by Alex Crow. 80k Mot Dec Heated seats Airscarf Full leather. 2 keys. All ready to go for the...
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    Cls HK is very poor

    What are Mercedes playing at? My e class convertible 2011 is far better sounding audio than my 2016 cls shooting brake with HK system.? Any improvements to be made that people have done?
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    Android auto Cls 2016

    I have a cls 2016 model with apple car play but it doesn't seem to have android auto. Am I missing something, it won't see my android phone. I have installed android auto app on my phone. Owners manual doesn't say much at all.
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    Cls350 shooting brake or e class estate premium plus on both

    Looking for the above not in black and with low mileage. Please contact me with what you have. Many thanks
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    Recommendations for body shop cambridge area that can do rust

    I need to get my c32 done but every body shop that says yes doesn't actually come through with a date sadly. Waited 7 months for one just got them to say sorry job is too big now........ Never had this trouble before. Seems most just want quick in and out work.
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    Headrest chrome coat/ suit jacket hanger

    Headrest needs to be able to be removed as the handset attaches to the posts. Had this on my w211. £25 plus postage. Welcome to collect from CB9
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    Good bodyshop near bury st edmunds

    Anybody know a good body shop that's good at rust removal and repair please?
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    C32 remapping needed after pulley upgrade

    Any one know a tuning company in East Anglia region that can do this at all? Tried Uber and GAD.
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    C32 tired suspension. What to replace with?

    Calling on experience please people. KW road comfort coilovers or updated shocks and springs? I'm after better handling but not want my fillings or dash board to fall out. Love the way Mercs eat miles unlike Bmw, so don't want to lose that.
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    Nav discs APS 50 Genuine. 2017/2018

    Set of 5 Europe nav discs. Genuine from Mercedes. 2017/2018 Cls 01/11 07/11 E class 03/09 07/11 E coupe 05/09 07/11 E convertible 11/09 07/11 Used but no damage. Just loads onto hard drive. £50 + postage.
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    W203 Bose has no bass

    My c32 estate Bose system is lifeless. The bass is non existent. The sub makes a noise but the whole system just sounds flat and lifeless. Can I have an amp not working and yet the speakers still operate? Where are the amps located? I know the sub has it's own amp bolted to the unit. Any way...
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